Special Report: ZUEL Conducts Prevention and Control of the Disease at the Front Line under the Central Party Leadership

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized in his tight restrictions on epidemic prevention and control: Let the Party flag fly high on the front line of the war against the epidemic. Numerous teachers and students of ZUEL took prompt actions. In the face of the severe epidemic situation, numerous Party members and officials of ZUEL actively responded to the call of the Party by moving forward courageously to join the battle and standing fast at their posts. It is no exaggeration to say that they completed the mission of serving the people in firm actions and planted a bright red Party flag on the front line of the anti-epidemic war in ZUEL. 

The Epidemic is Roll Call

Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes. As an important force for epidemic prevention and control of ZUEL, the school hospital gives full play to the militant bastion role of the Party organizations and the exemplary and vanguard role of Party members, which can be manifested in giving up vacations, fearlessness of risks and overcome all difficulties in order to strive to play a vanguard role and pace-setter for school epidemic prevention and control.

Facing the increasingly serious epidemic in Wuhan, Wang Yong, member of CPC Committee of the school hospital, took the initiative to be admitted to the hospital from the beginning of the winter holiday. In addition to deploying the hospital's daily epidemic prevention and control work, he also undertook the task of receiving materials dispatched by superiors and donated by alumni. The Wuhan Lockdown made the shortage of the hospital’s staff become more prominent. Therefore, Wang Yong took the initiatives to pick up, perform the handling, and distribute materials to the Shouyi and Nanhu campuses alone and this became his “most beautiful routine” during this holiday, and also the “most beautiful illustration” as a Party member.

Inspired by comrades, Lin Min, who lives in Jiangxia, rushed to the Shouyi campus overnight before the Wuhan Lockdown and worked continuously for four days and four nights from the second day to the sixth day of Chinese New Year to set up pre-examination triage and conduct medical treatment. Faced with inconvenient transportation, Xiang Lan and Xiang Hua of the Pharmacy Department struggled to cross rivers and districts so as to be on duty on time and stand fast at their posts in the anti-epidemic war with the help of their family members.

It is Our Responsibility to Safeguard the Health Gate of the Campus

Starting from January 24, ZUEL began to operate campus access controls. The Party members and comrades of the Security Department who originally thought they could relax a little during the winter vacation fell into a working status far more intense than usual. They reduced the campus flow and lowered the risk of external epidemics to safeguard the “healthy gate” of the campus.

The Security Department arranges 6 cadres on duty and 101 security guards on duty at the Shouyi campus and Nanhu campus every day. As a veteran Party member with a Party standing of 26 years, Li Jianping voluntarily gave up his vacation and stayed at work 24 hours a day regarding the school as his home to protect the safety of the Shouyi campus. Young Party members cannot stay behind while veteran Party members take the lead. Party member NieYaosheng gave up the rotating shifts and inspected the campus regularly to ensure that there were no omissions and no blind spots in the campus epidemic protection. The images of the staff of the Security Department stepping up campus prevention and control and measuring the temperature of people entering and exiting have been shown on CCTV News and Hu Bei Satellite TV.

Community work is of vital importance for epidemic prevention and control. Xu Fei, Party branch secretary of Shouyi ZUEL Community, and Tong Jijun, Party branch secretary of Nanhu Community, took the lead in conducting epidemic prevention and control propaganda and education in residents' homes by leading community comrades to post prevention and control propaganda materials on residential buildings. What’s more, they actively strove for the support of the neighborhood where the community is located, and equipped the school's Shouyi ZUEL Community and Nanhu Community with 9 online car-hailing to deliver food, medicine, and meals to the teachers and staff in need.

As a Party Member, I should Charge Ahead

The Logistics Department charges ahead in the anti- epidemic war. The Party Committee of the Logistics Department issued a proposal to all Party members, requesting cadres to set an example, Party members to play the role as the vanguard, and all Party members to fight tenaciously against the virus at the front lines. The Logistics Support Department established a temporary Party branch composed of all front-line Party members and employees to strengthen the leadership of the epidemic prevention and control. Various centers have formed a vanguard of Party members, with employment priority given to Party members; in the shift canteen  of the Dietary Service Center during the winter vacation, all Party members and employees did the cooking to ensure the food supply of the campus; in the Student Apartment Service Center, Party member Lei Daojian directly moved in the dormitory  to provide services for students 24 hours a day; the Party members of the Greening and Sanitation Center took the lead in solving  the toughest mission of  the environment, so as to leave no stone unturned in sanitation and disinfection... The efforts and dedication of the Party members and employees in Logistics Department won wide praise from teachers and students. They even updated WeChat moment to praise such the measures as “meals on wheels services” and “24-hour logistics support.” The “meals on wheels services” initiative was reported by the official WeChat public account of the Ministry of Education, Weiyan Education.

The Finance Department promptly issued temporary and simplified management measures for reimbursement during the battle against the epidemic, and established an epidemic prevention and control working group as soon as possible to call on all Party members to play an exemplary role and do their best to ensure the financial security work for the school's epidemic prevention and control. Hu Kan and other 7 Party members, overcoming difficulties at home, worked overtime for 8 consecutive days from January 16th, and only started to enjoy the first day of winter vacation on New Year’s Eve; Party member Wang Zhangli lined up to purchase masks, alcohol and other anti-epidemic materials to provide support for business departments; Party member Li Nian celebrated the New Year alone in Wuhan in order to stick to his post...


We Constantly Concern the Safety of Our Students

A student from the School of Accounting was quarantined at home and lacked the necessary anti-epidemic supplies such as masks and disinfectants, so he had to update hid WeChat Moment for help. Wang Yan, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the college, immediately took the initiative to help him contact the express delivery and the community to help the student solve problems after seeing the student’s moments. After the epidemic broke out, masks in many pharmacies were sold out. After receiving requests for help from students who were staying at school, Zhu Chenglei, a Party member and counselor of the School of Finance, ran around many pharmacies neighboring the school early in the morning and finally bought masks for the students.

He Qiang, an administrative propaganda member and counselor of the Party Branch of the School of Business who has just worked for half a year, has a habit of asking 214 students to make sure that they are safe at 10 o'clock every night. During the winter vacation, he thought that the habit of “see you at 10 pm” could come to an end, however, after the Wuhan lockdown on January 23, he resumed his previous “habit” after 15 days of “suspend.” “Although hundreds of messages every day make the phone battery consume extremely fast, I feel at ease in my heart”, He Qiang said affectionately, “I must make sure the safety of 214 students.”

In order to provide psychological support to teachers and students during the epidemic, the Psychological Counseling Center of the Department of Student Affairs urgently formed a team so that all Party members, cadres and experts participated in online psychological consultation. By January 30, there were 640 head counts conducting online interactions with students 630 head counts conducting interactions in the form of questionnaires, and 10 head counts of consultations; Yang Ziyun, Yu Jincong, Zhang Ru and other Party members and experts such as Zhang Chunyan took the initiative to sign up for the Hubei Province psychological support hotline and online counseling services, contributing to the province’s psychological counseling on epidemic prevention and control.

Generally, the international students enjoying their holidays are scattered in Wuhan and even both in the country and abroad. The sudden outbreak of the epidemic during the winter vacation this year has made it even more difficult to international students’ management. The Party members and cadres of the International Education School took the lead while all the staff went into the battle against the epidemic. They point-to-point contacted students to report daily attendance, kept track of students’ status, timely translated school notices, epidemic prevention information, etc. into English and sent them to students...Although Party member Wang Zhengjun’s wife was heavily pregnant, he still stationed at school every day since the winter vacation, and the Lunar New Year’s Eve was no exception. Counselors for international students, represented by Party members such as Zhang Ran and Li Chuntao, often communicated with students late at night, just to calm their emotions. It is these bit by bit measures that make the international students feel warmer. Many international students have spontaneously replaced their social pictures with pictures with the “Stay strong, Wuhan” logo. Their moves including cheering for Wuhan and giving China a thumb-up have been reported by the Hubei Daily and other media.


Party Members Couple Join in the Battle Together


“The school plans to set up a special class for epidemic prevention and control, and wishes comrades who are still in Wuhan to participate actively.” This is a motivational message issued on January 21 in the WeChat group of the Party committee branch of the General Committee Office and General Administration Office organs. After the message was released less than 1 minute, Zhong Yong, an old Party member who had been plagued by illness for a long time, took the initiative to participate. Besides, Deng Yang, He Minghui, Wan Silu, Liu Juan and other women Party members actively “ask for joining the battle.” All Party members and comrades in the branch who stayed in Wuhan responded positively. Party members Bai Lei and his wife, who were in their hometown outside the Hubei province, rushed back to Wuhan with their child under 3 years old headed for the frontline against the virus despite their family members' concerns. This couple don’t usually go back to their hometown much, but on such a special Spring Festival this year, they, like many Party members, chose to stick to their posts and fulfilled their simplest wish, “I hope everything goes well in school.”

As a family member of the medical staff, Chen Wei, the secretary of the Sociology Party Branch of the School of Philosophy and the double leader, had a new task during the holidays, which was to pick up her Party member husband who worked in the hospital commuted to work after the suspension of public transportation. “I worry about his safety every day, but I don't dare to say it. Every time he coughs, I get extremely tense. I am clearly aware that the doctor can't stop working at this moment. As a family member of a doctor, I must stick to it!” Chen Wei put the worry to the bottom of her heart and supported the battle with 1 hour of mileage per day.


Academic persistence in the “extra-long” vacation

Due to the epidemic, the school had postponed the start of the fall semester, but teachers in various schools were actively preparing plans for the delay.

Zhao Man and Kong Fanyi, Party member teachers of the School of Public Administration, paid attention to the challenges of the epidemic to social governance and emergency management. They actively used what they learned to carry out research and provided optimized solutions for the government and society to respond to emergencies. As Teacher Kong Fanyi said, “Doctors use stethoscopes and scalpels to guard the health of the people, and our college teachers can also guard the happiness of the people with the ‘pen’ in our hands.”

A large number of Party members teachers, including Wang Qinggang who belonged to Accounting Principles Teaching and Research Section of the School of Accounting, used the holidays to revise textbooks, prepared lessons, and carried out scientific research at home to save energy for the new semester.


Limitless Great Love Shows Affection

The Party members of ZUEL not only care about the school, but also express their support for Wuhan and even the national epidemic prevention and control work with their actions.

Zhao Kai, secretary of the Party branch of CCB School, paid attention to the information about the materials needed by the First Hospital of Guangxi Medical College who came to aid the fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. In collaboration with members of the Xuetongshe Alumni Association, the materials were delivered to the medical team in less than 12 hours. He also helped the Sichuan Alumni Association to connect with hospitals in Wuhan, Xiaogan, Huanggang and other places, and sent the compassion donations of alumni to the most needed places. Zhao Kai said, “In the face of this epidemic, many ordinary people are caring about and supporting the work of preventing and fighting the epidemic in their own way, and we are just a small part of it.”

Zhou Jinhua, a Party member teacher of the School of Business Administration, and Xia Shujie, a Party activist in the Finance Department, had been paying attention to the development of the epidemic. “I’m really anxious when I see the medical staff are struggling on the front line, suffering, tired, and wronged, but I can’t do anything at home.” Knowing that the Wuhan Red Cross Association recruited volunteers, they chose to join as soon as possible. They moved and counted supplies, and checked data with other volunteers. In order to speed up the progress, they did not care about drinking water and eating, and successively completed the shipment of two large vehicles of materials.

The more critical the moment, the more the vanguard character of a Communist Party member is showed. In the past few days, countless “ask for joining in the battle” and “persistence” have happened frequently on campus. There is no rhetoric, only common actions-to resolutely win the battle against the epidemic. In this “battle”, ZUEL Party members have never been absent, and the bright red Party flag has always been flying high in the front line of ZUEL's epidemic prevention.

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