Li Jinlong

Li Jinlong: a model who puts social practice in the first place

On April 27th, the results of the 2018 college student entrepreneurial hero activity launched by the China Youth Daily and the KAB National Promotion Office were officially released. Our school student Li Jinlong won the Top 20 National College Entrepreneur Heroes. Li Jinlong is an undergraduate student of Labor Insurance College of the School of Public Administration of our school, “Top 20 Presidents of National KAB Entrepreneurship Club”, “Innovative Entrepreneurship in Hongshan District of Wuhan”, “Good Youth in Central South”, 2018 UN Asia-Pacific Youth Leadership and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum Youth representative. Founder of Wuhan Ai Whale Technology Co., Ltd., founder of Wuhan Yanlu Education Technology Co., Ltd., CEO of Wuhan MacKota Business Service Co., Ltd., and Innovation Director of Wuhan HuaqingJieli Technology Development Co., Ltd. His entrepreneurial deeds have been reported by, Hutou Finance, Wenyu News Network and other media. He won the special prize of the 3rd Jianxing Cup National University of Finance and Economics Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Creation Youth Entrepreneurship Competition Hubei Province Gold Award, 2018 More than 30 honors such as the Gold Medal of the Central China Micro-Entrepreneurship Central China District.


Leading practice with continuous optimization

Li Jinlong presided over the China Clean Profit - Intelligent Recycling System under the Mobile Payment Scene won the third Jianxing Cup National Finance and Economics Institute Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Special Award and Best Popularity Award. This project combines intelligent self-service terminals with cloud credit systems, focusing on the classification and recycling of garbage, based on the campus. People get points by sorting garbage, using points or cash can be consumed in multiple scenes, such as washing machines, bus recharge, dryers, etc. This novel and grounded green concept is also more acceptable.

Teacher Yu Liangtao is the instructor of the project. He pointed out that the project has taken the lead in verifying the model and attracting investment. It has already experienced large-scale practice and is ahead of a large number of entrepreneurial projects that are still in the “concept argumentation” and “bonsai style”. Li Jinlong introduced that the recycling machine put in the Gedian Campus of Wuhan Vocational and Technical College in September should be cleaned several times a day with good results.

This year, Li Jinlong led the team to win the “Baohuo Cup” Entrepreneurship Competition Excellence Award, the Micro-Entrepreneurship Action Central China Regional Gold Award, and the “Internet +” College Student Entrepreneurship Innovation Competition Hubei Province Bronze Award. He said that on the one hand, the competition is to optimize the project in the opinions of teachers and judges, on the other hand, it is also a publicity and promotion project, and the entrepreneurial project needs to be sustained in the long run.

Startingfrom a Humble Beginning

When talking about entrepreneurial experiences, Li Jinlong believes that starting a business by himself is both by chance and by choice. “After the college entrance examination, I set up a tutoring class and earned about one year’s college tuition fee. When I was a freshman, I had been working as a tutor, a sales agent for a driving school, and I sold phone cards and freshmen supplies which didn’t go well.” Li Jinlong laughed.

Starting a business is no easy task. You have to keep low-profile to do practical things. said Li Jinlong, who is responsible for several projects. Among them, the promotion of the Ginkgo campus project during the sophomore year was very difficult. “We need to promote user registration and sales. Simply put, we need to talk directly to students at their dormitory.” Li Jinlong said. Starting a business is sometimes simply repeating boring work, some people can't stand it and quit. In the end, only Li Jinlong and another partner stayed.

These part-time work experiences are an accumulation process for Li Jinlong. The people around him made sardonic remarks Oh, Li Jinlong, the successful businessman, but he did not respond to these. He said, I don't take other people's views seriously. You should change other people’s view towards you by delivering solid results.

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

Doing community research in Jianghan District was the first job that Li Jinlong assisted with his teacher. As the class president in freshman year, Li Jinlong, under the guidance of his teacher, led the classmates to take a few suitcases of research materials at 6 am every morning, taking the subway and then bus, to conduct questionnaire surveys for many elderly people in communities. At night, he had to sort out the investigation report and to confirm the classmates who follow him the next day. At the end of the semester, the arrangement of working shift is even more difficult. At that time, I was coordinating time at one or two o'clock at night, and I lost six pounds in five days, Li Jinlong said.

The research report was very successful, and Li Jinlong’s “reliableness” was also recognized by teachers, which brought him more and more opportunities. In the winter vacation of 2017, Li Jinlong was assigned to assess the target management of the third-party social supervision project under the Red Cross Society of Hubei Province. Li Jinlong is responsible for dispatching all undergraduate and graduate students involved in this work. Li Jinlong and his team members, moving between 17 cities and overcoming many difficulties, finally completed the report.

His outstanding ability and serious attitude were recognized by the teacher. coincidently, he was recommended by the teacher to Li Shuai, who was starting a business and going to Beijing to for a master's degree. So, he was entrusted by Li Shuai to operate all the business in Wuhan. A seemingly chance is usually backed by necessity.

A Student Can Receive Guidance from Both Teachers and Senior Fellow Students

Fresh on the campus, Li Jinlong, based on his own major, was planned to become a civil servant in the future. The undergraduate students in School of Public Administration are under tutorial system. Therefore, Deng Hanhui, the deputy dean in School of Public Administration, is both the supervisor and entrepreneurial teacher to Li Shuai and Li Jinlong respectively. Professor Deng offered students guidance and help in academic study and entrepreneurship. Li Shuai helped Li Jinlong grow on the road of entrepreneurship.

Up to now, teachers and senior fellow students have influenced me greatly, which has helped me in future planning. Li Jinlong very much agrees with this model of teacher leads students, seniors help juniors, and believes that this model allows more students to practice and grow.

The spirit of helping each other has always been the tradition of our school. We hope that this model of “teacher leads students, seniors help juniors” will help more outstanding students to grow step by step and pass down the school spirit.

Now we only need to work hard and leave the rest to the time. This is Li Jinlong's motto and what he is doing. Passionate, continue to struggle, live up to the moment, and make your own futurea creed practiced by Li Jinlong, as well as many young “maker” in our university.

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