Wan Li

Wan Li: The Alumni "Liaison Officer" Who Enjoys Work and Workswith Love

Recently, a group of people was awarded the Advanced Individuals and Advanced Group by Wuhan Women's Federation, which includes our school's deputy director of alumni work office Wan Li, who was awarded the honorary title of  Wuhan March 8 Red-Banner Model Holders. As the principle of alumni work, with only 17 days for preparation, Wan Li overcame difficulties of tight time and heavy work and accompanied school leaders to visit alumni in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Zhejiang and etc. intensively and introduced alumni the project in detail during planning and organization of 2017 Capital and Intelligence Back to Wuhan project, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law special performance. On 17th September, 2017, nearly 600 outstanding alumni turned up in due course with 27 projects, 154.6 Billion investments and 360 Billion credit granting. Behind this impossible to accomplish task, lies hasty steps and hard work of Wan Li on finding and contacting alumni.

Touching---Strong Bond of School Tie

Wan Li started alumni work since 2013. From then on, she contacted ZUNEL alumni everywhere almost every day. “Ties between alumni and their alma mater, and between alumni are all unimaginable concept for me before taking this job,” said Wan Li emotionally. She then concluded all she gained from this job with the word touching. Being touched constantly is what this alumni work brought to Wan Li.

During her work on alumni affairs, Wan Li was touched by their concern for their alma mater, friendship for alumni and dedication for work. For example, the Amateur ZUNEL Football Team rushed to Liuzhou to help a badly ill alumna and held a charitable match in Shanghai; tons of alumni raised RMB 400 thousand for a postgraduate in economics school who has Leukemia; alumni like Peng Guangmin, Jiangfuan risked their lives to fulfill our school's motto “Learned, Rational, Virtuous and Devoted”......which all bring her endless motivation and confidence. There are 55 alumni associations home and abroad at present. Thanks to the role Wan Li plays in binding and coordinating, our alumni are able to return to their organization gradually, a warm platform. Alumni association will be a presence that connects the past, the present and the future. And Wan Li enjoys her work on alumni affairs.

Challenge---Capital and Intelligence Back to Wuhan- a Heavy Task

On 29th August, 2017, the task of holding Zhongnan University of Economics and Law special performance of the Capital and Intelligence Back to Wuhan project was delivered to our school by the Deputy Mayor of Wuhan City personally in our school. With only 17 days for preparation and our school's alumni living all corners of the country, to meet and discuss and persuade all of them to bring back capital and projects to Wuhan became the key point of accomplishing this task.

“It is true that other universities had held similar activities. But most of them were given 3-6 months for preparation and that's long enough for them to motivate alumni, to plan and organize and to draw up agendas. However, we were given only 17 days to organize meetings, prepare materials and, most importantly, persuade alumni to bring back investment, which seemed impossible, said Wan Li. It was sure an almost impossible task.

Within one week, a preparatory team, with the Party Secretary and the Principle of our school as its core, traveled from Beijing to Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta, visiting alumni all around the country intensively, a dozen even dozens a day. You can really say that they traveled beneath the sun and the moon, worked day and night. However they harvested touching everywhere they went.” Deeply touched by the deep feeling alumni have for Wuhan and their alma mater, Wan Li said: “As long as our university needs help, our alumni will gather together from all over the country. Their feelings of sense of responsibilities made me admirable.”

“Wuhan calls, ZUEL responds” is not only our university's solemn commitment to Wuhan, but more importantly is the affectionate confession our alumni made for their alma mater. “Whenever our alma mater is in need, we will always be there.”---It is the demonstration of ZUEL people's deep feelings and sense of responsibility.

Four words can be used to conclude Wan Li's work during the 17 days of preparation---Contact, Arrange, Coordinate and Implement,which contain huge responsibilities and pressure. Due to her outstanding work, she was awarded the honorary title of “Wuhan March 8 Red-Banner Model Holders.

Outlook—Turn Honor into Motivation

In the award words of March 8 Red-Banner Model Holders, it introduced Wan Li as follows: “Engrave alumni information on mind, retrieve human resources in brain. She contacted people all over the country and abroad only for the Capital and Intelligence Back to Wuhan project. She is a liaison officer, a promoter and an arranger King, who expanded the alumni circle into the knowledge and business circle. Creating extraordinary in ordinary and seeking fortune in fine details are her life portrait as well as her masterpiece.”

“I understand the real implication of ‘Economics and Law make a powerful combination’ after this event. Alumni’s affection and passion to make contribution for their alma mater touched me all the time,” said Wan Li, moved, “I’m especially grateful for our team, who never complained about working overtime and worked hard together to the point of forgetting themselves. This strong sense of responsibility and mission is one of the important factors for this success. Wan Li then concluded the success in three sentences: Our school paid high attention and leaders of our school dropped everything from work and devoted themselves in the preparation; all of the alumni's all-time generous support; support from all students and teachers, like some old professors worked as investment promotion ambassadors voluntarily and introduced policies of Wuhan City to alumni to persuade them to invest in Wuhan. And student volunteers were also a beautiful scene at the venue.

Being awarded the “March 8 Red-Banner Model Holders” is not only an honor but also an inspiration for Wan Li. From now on, I will be more strict with myself and strive in the Red-Banner direction, said Wan Li, setting a higher goal for herself.

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