Xu Chengyang

Xu Chengyang: Every life are worthy of being respected

December 29, 2016, once the the results of the Outstanding Individual Award, the Outstanding Organization Award, the Outstanding Project Award of the 11th China Youth Volunteers were announced ,Xu Chengyang, a senior in Law school of ZUEL, won the Eleventh China Youth Volunteers Outstanding Individual Award. Our students had once again won the highest honor of the youth volunteer service after two years.

To Make Volunteer Activity a Kind of Happiness

Hello, is this the volunteer service team? Liao Yanmou's wife was uneasy to dial the numbers since she was not sure whether the college volunteer team could solve their problems.

Yes, it is. What can I do for you? Xu Chengyang answered the call.

Liao Yanmou, a retired teacher in our university, often contributes articles to the campus newspaper. Compared with computers, he prefers to write with pens. Due to his physical inconvenience, his wife helps him with the contribution and fetch the newspaper for him. In September last year, his wife hit her legs in a car accident which made the contribution and fetching the newspaper into heavy burdens. So they tried to ask The Nijat.Ehmed Volunteer Service Team of ZUEL for help.

Xu Chengyang immediately said yes.

Thank you, thank you very much.Over the telephone, Xu still could tell her pleasant surprise.

Xu helped them to submit the manuscript to the newspaper and send the materials to the Office of Retired Cadres. Every time they met, Mr. Liao’s wife would thank Xu Chengyang again and again and asked him about his life and study. Xu Chengyang thinks he can better understand the meaning of volunteer activities from helping people in their needs than any big volunteer event.

During an exchange conference held by volunteer service team, Xu said no matter rich or poor, everyone is equal. And getting along with volunteers, one can feel the positive energy of everyone. No matter how noble and how humble one is, volunteering can bring you happiness.

To Develop Volunteer Activities

Since entering the university, Xu has been keeping a close eye on the university's volunteer organizations and activities. On the first semester of the sopho more year, he was one of the first volunteers participating in the establishment of the Nijat.Ehmed Volunteer Service Team of ZUEL. Xu has been thinking about how to combine volunteer activities with national strategies, such as “Targeted Poverty Alleviation” and “Belt and Road Initiative” and how to meet the needs of the social development to make the students' professional knowledge play a better role in volunteer work.

In the beginning, we don’t have a big team like now. There are only a dozen of people and I have to do almost everything myself.” Xu said. It is not easy to create a new and active team with well-established system. In the past two years, he has benefited a lot from the experience of doing everything in person.

Under the organization of Xu, the service volunteers of the team had visited and conducted research in more than 40 grassroots communities, such as Jiangling community, Changhu community, Qianjiajie community, Nanhu community. To construct a database of the help recipients and their needs, they collected the information of disadvantaged groups such as the needy children, the children of the migrant workers and the disabled elders.

On the winter vacation of 2015, Xu set up the Xiangyang branch of the volunteer team, organizing more than 20 students to the Xiangzhou No.1 Middle School to have experience sharing meetings. During the summer vacation, he applied for the Xiangyang branch of the volunteer team to be the team of the Rainbow Action of the Women's Federation of Hubei Province. They went to Gucheng to bring care to the left-behind children from the aspects of interest cultivation, safety education, academic counseling and special research.

One year later, the number of volunteers in Xiangyang branch was over 80. Xu made contact with Xiangyang volunteer organizations to obtain volunteer resources. They volunteered to go to the Sunshine Home disabled care station to carry out Action of Bring Sunshine to the Disabled which not only helped the college students to put knowledge into practice, but also broadened the kids' visions.

To Let Volunteer Activities become a Life Style

In addition to winter and summer vacation, I also like to use my spare time to do volunteer activities, which makes everyday full and happy. ”Inschool, by having part-time jobs, Xu and his partners established the scholarship fund of the Nijat.Ehmed Volunteer which not only provided scholarships to help students in poor areas, but also enabled the students to earn their livings through the works. They also organized many charities to raise money to help the poor students.

Xu had devoted a lot of time and energy to the volunteer work, such as Beautiful Heart action to take care for children with disabilities, Action of Bring Sunshine to the Disabled ” to help people with disabilities and Warm Winter action in the Spring Festival travel rush, thus helping others has become his life style.

Xu has won the Second Prize of the “People’s Scholarship” for three times and does well in study. As for how to balance volunteer work and study, Xu has his own opinion.Volunteer activities have taught me a lot, but learning and participating in volunteer activities are not contradictory. No pressure, no power. And it allowed me to learn to be efficient.” he said.

When asked why was he so keen to volunteer activities, Xu replied that every life deserves respect.

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