Promoting Common Prosperity For All Ethnic Groups

Promoting Common Prosperity For All Ethnic Groups

Recently, we’ve received a letter from the CentralCommitteeoftheCommunist Youth LeagueofChina of the Ministry of Education,recognizingand highly appreciating the “Popularization of Mandarin in Xinjiang and Voluntary Teaching For Farmer And Herdsman Youth of The Minority” Project conducted by students of ZUEL. Focusing on alleviating poverty by popularizing mandarin and making good use of innovating education publicity, our team made elaborate plans to popularize mandarin and spread knowledge about education, science and technology, culture, sanitation, etc. through activities including exchange forums, policy teach-ins, class teaching and cultural activities, regardless of difficulties. As one of the 3 projects approved in the National Undergraduates’ Special Summer Social Practice Action, this project was guided by the National Unity Education Office of ZUEL this year. The acknowledgement and honor the team received owes to the perseverance and cultivation in the guidance of ethnic students and the education of national unity that ZUEL is committed to.


Spring——Advance Steadily With a Fresh Beginning

As colleges and universities are important base of carrying out national unity education work, ZUEL gives priority to moral education, builds an all-around talent-cultivation system with a strong sense of political responsibility and mission, where students from all ethnic groups love our socialist motherland, uphold the leadership of the Communist Party of China, and consciously set up Marxist national view, religious view as well as world outlook, outlook on life and values.


In order to add national unity education work to talent-cultivating program, ZUEL set up the education center for pre-university students from ethnic minority groups on June 6th,2018. In September, the first self-cultivating pre-university students from ethnic minority groups entered ZUEL. On July 25th, the National Unity Education Office leadership group of ZUEL was set up, of which Luan Yongyu, the Secretary of CPC was appointed as group leader. The National Unity Education Office was also set up, subordinate to Student Affairs Department. On September 29th, the founding ceremony of National Undergraduate Ethnic Bilingual Voluntary Service Team (ZUEL) was held by State Ethnic Affairs Commission, Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, Spiritual Civilization Construction Steering Committee Office of the Communist Party of China, Ministry of Education, and CentralCommitteeoftheCommunistYoungLeague. On December 17th, “Beautiful Xiaonan” National Unity Education Studio was established, being one of the first 6 school-lever instructor studios in ZUEL.


Under the background that a series actions are successfully taken, the national unity education system have taken shape, consolidating students’ “5 self-identities”, “4 confidence”, “3 necessities” and urging them to observedisciplinesandobeylaws, build the common ideology of Chinese nation, actively uphold nationalreunification and national unity, which will lay solid ideological and spiritual basis for the realization of The Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Cultivation——Working Together to Forge Ahead

On the basis of the building of national unity education system, ZUEL has carried out all-round educational activities led by “socialist core values”, including “Promoting the Spirit of Rule of Law, Studying Law and Abiding by Law——2018 Safety Education Report Meeting of National Students”, “Affection of Xinjiang——2018 FreshmanOrientationMeeting in the Shouyi Campus of ZUEL”, “2018 Chinese National Culture Festival”, “Special Course——Correct Understanding of Xinjiang's Historical Problems (History)”, “Course——Xinjiang in the 40 Years Since the Reform and Opening Up”, “Learning Camp——Practicing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism With Chinese Characteristics For a New Era”, “200th Anniversary of the Birth of Marx and Studying the Spirits of Xi Jinping in the Teacher and Student Symposium in Peking University”, “Learning the Important Spirits of the Speech delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping in the Celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Reform and Opening Up”, “establishing Silk Road Youth Development in the New Era and carrying out a series of educational activities to read theCommunistManifesto, and so on.

In the meanwhile, all kinds of academic support activities are undertaken, such as “PomegranateSeed Learning Group”, “The Pioneers of the Communist Youth League”, “Yunshuishangquan Book Club”, “Student Academic Support Center” held by Nygati ·Snow Lotus volunteer service team. In that, minority students are well-developed and cultivated.

Schools in ZUEL have held all kinds of Discussion and fellowship activities for ethnic students from Tibetan andXinjiang. Focusing on learning, self-discipline, self- improvement, self-confidence and unity, more than ten forums have been carried out for minority students to promote their study and development.

National unity educational work is also carried out in families. In August 2018, a home visiting group of 23 people from Student Affairs Department and 6 schools visited homes of students from Xinjiang for 10 days, travelling to 19 counties and cities including Urumchi, ChangjiCity, Ili and Bortala with a distance of more than 2000 kilometers. Teachers extended sincere greetings from leaders and teachers from ZUEL to the parents of the students, introduced the studying and living of students, and sent condolences, condolence gifts and school souvenirs to families in poor conditions. Teachers were also touched by the honesty, passion and sincerity of the parents, getting better to know minority students. Focusing on company and aiming at mutual understanding and recognition, the home visiting activity connects teachers, students and parents to further promote the national unity education. Besides, the “Promoting Recognition From Xinjiang——Home Visiting Project” of ZUEL has won the prize of Projects for the Cultivation of Talents in Universities and Colleges in Hubei Province


Autumn Harvest – Press Ahead with Abundant Achievements

With persistent efforts, our university has achieved various achievements in the work of national unity education. On December 12, 2018, the member of the Standing Committee of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and the Minister of the United Front Work Department ErkenJiang· Tu Lahong came to the university to inspect. He gave the university a high degree of recognition for the high-level personnel training of China's financial and economic, politics and law talents and important contributions to social and economic development of the country and ethnic minority areas. He gave credits to the work of taking care of minority students in the university, and stressed that it should adapt to the new trend of the increase of minority students in colleges and universities, and strive to create a new highland of national unity. The special counselors of ethnic minorities should pay attention to education, guide and help the healthy development of minority students, perform their duties better, and live up to expectations. And they also should encourage minority students to have a high level of ambition and work hard to fulfill their goals, pursuits and commitments and to be outstanding students in the new era.

In December 2018, the Nijiati·Snow Lotus Volunteer Service Team won the “Best Volunteer Organization in the Country” award. The No.1 Project represented Hubei Province in the 4th China Youth Volunteer Service Project Competition and won the Silver Award. And the No.3 Project won a Silver Award and 2 Bronze Award in the 4th Hubei Youth Volunteer Project Competition.

In May 2018, the Bole Start-up Group project - Yi Dian Technology and Bole Driving Center won the a Silver Award and a Bronze Award respectively in the 2018 Hubei University Student Entrepreneurship Practice Competition. The project introduced 4D-VR to simulate driving, and created a new model of “VR training + real-world training”, which was approved by the Ministry of Education for the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program.

Investigation and Optimization Analysis of the Status Quo of Urbanization Development of Border Borders in Xinjiang from the Perspective of “One Belt, One Road”——Taking Alashankou City as an Example, “Sharing” in the Background of Rural Revitalization Strategy and How to Spark the Agriculture: Based on Xinjiang Cantaloupe Industry Sharing Model The “Study Research”, “A United Voice, A Shared Emotion” Returned College Students in Xinjiang, Pushing Action, Minority Farmers and Herdsmen Youth Building Dream Class Plan, and other three related student social practice projects were approved by the National College Summer Social Practice Special Action. Among them, “A United Voice, A Shared Emotion” returned to the college students in Xinjiang, the Pushing Action for Minority Farmers and Herdsmen Youth Dreaming Class Project, won the 2018 National College Summer Social Practice Special Action Project, and the project leader was awarded the  New Youth of the Powerful Generation  title. The Central Committee of the Ministry of Education commended the relevant students' social practice team and presented a full set of Chinese Classic Resource Library.

Among the teachers, Nijiati· Aimaiti, a member of the School of Business Administration, was elected as a member of the 14th Communist Youth League Hubei Provincial Committee and was awarded the “National First 5A Trustworthy Youth”; Jidanmu· Shataer, School of Finance The teacher won the second prize in the second essay contest of the “National Unity of One Family and One Heart Together to Build a Chinese Dream” in the University of Hubei Province; the Finance and Taxation Institute Mulati· Yibulayinmujiang was working in the military training of 2018 students. He was awarded the “Excellent Leading Cadre”; the teacher of the School of Statistics and Mathematics, Mr. Ai Maiti·Tuerdi, won the second prize in the “Instruction for the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening”.

Excellent students are also emerging. The undergraduate student of the School of Business Administration, Yilixiati· Aihemaiti, was awarded the title of “Outstanding Individual” in the “Sports New Generation Youth Young Dream” and “New Silk Road Youth’s Chinese Dream” National Summer Student Social Practice Special Action; Business Administration Undergraduate student Kudgeti· Ekpar was awarded the third prize of the 5th “Assistance, Dreaming and Casting People” series of publicity activities in the National Student Financial Management Center; the undergraduate of the School of Finance, Mi Aidi ·Afriline classmate won the first prize of 2018 China University Students Fitness and Bodybuilding Championship; undergraduate student Yasen· Abdullah of the School of Business Administration won the third place in the finals of The 8th University Talents Show of Jinlongquan Beer; Shengwumit·Tulson and the undergraduate of the School of Economics, Youli· Tuyislamujiang jointly founded the Transit (Wuhan) Trading Co., Ltd. and founded the makeup brand FéR-JASMINE.

Founded in 1948, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law is a university with “revolution “genes. In its 70-year history, ZNUEL has always make the cultivation of qualified talents and reliable successors for the party and the country a primary mission. The university has always implemented the fundamental task of “Value Moral Ethnics and Integrity” with a high sense of political responsibility and historical mission, and implemented the working principle of “strictly and meticulously”. In practice and innovation, the university has continuously improved the system for the education and training of ethnic students. With the improvement of the working mechanism, I believe that the university 's national unity education work will continue to advance in depth, and contribute more to cultivating the awareness of the Chinese-nation community and enhancing our national solidarity!

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