Thunder God Mountain

I’m a ZUELer. I’m on the construction site of Leishenshan (Thunder God Mountain) Hospital!

Li Ke, the chief engineer of Information Management Department of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, is a member of network technology team in Leishenshan (Thunder God Mountain) Hospital and Huoshenshan (Fire God Mountain) Hospital. As a volunteer, Li Ke has mixed feelings.

I’m Li Ke, the chief engineer of Information Management Department of ZUEL. According to the original plan of the school, at this time I should have started working on campus for the new year in my position, but the COVID-19 in Wuhan changed our plan completely. As a Wuhanese, if I am asked to describe Wuhan with an adjective, the words first occurs to my mind will be “lively”. However, influenced by COVID-19, Wuhan is stagnant now. The “quiet” city makes me feel worried and anxious, therefore I want to do something to Wuhan’s recovery.

On January 20th, 2020, I returned to my parents-in-law’s home to celebrate the Spring Festival. Since an epidemic broke out in Wuhan and I was unable to return Wuhan, I had to pay attention to the news and the development of the epidemic every day at home. On the 25th, in a network technology group I foundthat Hubei Huate Company was responsible for the network system integration of Huoshenshan and Leishenshan Hospitals. By contacting their chief engineer, Comrade Wang Haibo, I learned that the construction task was heavy and time-starved. However, there were very few network engineers who could come to the scene, and there was a lack of experienced engineers, so I volunteered to participate in this battle.

At that time, I considered only two aspects. First, as CPC party members, we were needed in times of crisis and we should rush to the front line. Second, from the technical level, this task was not only a difficulty, but also a rare challenge opportunity in my career. During the next two days, on the one hand, I handled procedures to return to Wuhan, on the other hand, I discussed with the project team to draw up a construction and implementation plan.

Speaking of the COVID-19, who was not afraid of? I didn’t tell the decision to my family members until when I was ready to leave for Wuhan on the 29th.None of them agreed with me because they were afraid that I would get infected and my basic life couldn’t be guaranteed.

Until then, after communicating with the project leader, I knew that all the people in the whole epidemic prevention war were volunteers, and all the equipment was donated by enterprises. All the staff were voluntary to make a little contribution, although there was no payment and rest place with self-prepared protective equipment. The project team only providedboxed meals. Hard as the condition was, a strong sense of mission droveme to participate in the war. After two days’ “reasonable and emotional persuasion”, I finally got the permission of family members.

On the January31st, with most of the masks and vegetables from home, I went straight to the scene of HuoshenshanHospital alone. That’s it, contributing something to Wuhan has changed from what I want to what I dare.

During the construction, I needed to overcome many practical difficulties.

First, with only three days from the completion of HuoshenshanHospital, there was nothing on the scene. At that time, the roof of the network machine room wasn’t built. The electric power and optical cable have not been put in place.All the equipment has just been unpacked. The machine room of 70squaremeters was crowded with nearly 100 people including all kinds of engineers and construction personnel, thereforethere was no extra area for working. All engineers took the computer and knocked on the command with one hand. All kinds of workersgot together and stayed very close to each other. But they didn’t know each other. What’s worse, wearing masks people couldn’t communicate and cooperate with each other at all. The project commander had got to shout loudly standing on the highest box until he was exhausted. Later, our group could only ask the relevant personnel to discuss separatelyoutside the machine room.While talking about configuration parameters, we had tostay away from excavators.

    Second, in order to ensure the entry of construction vehicles, Huoshenshan Hospital carried out traffic control 3 kilometers away from the site. Except for the engineering vehicles required immediately, no other vehicles were allowed to enter. In order to reach the construction site, we spent about half an hour walking three kilometers each time. At the construction site there was no place to have a rest. And most of the packing boxes were taken by the workers to sleep on, and I lived 38 kilometers far away from the construction site. Therefore,it took me three hours a day on the road and I had no more than four-hour sleep time.

        Third, you could only drink less water and eat less food. Because it took 20 minutes to walk through the construction site each time to go to a temporary toilet. What’s more, there was a risk of being smashed with head and feet. So everyone basically didn’t drink water or go to the toilet.

Fourth, the implementation plan was constantly changing, and the plan was constantly adjusted. Because the materials were donated by the company, the models and plans may not be consistent.Some equipment couldn’t arrive on time due to traffic problems, but the target time has been determined, so we could only use the greatest wisdom to overcome difficulties. Sometimes there lacked a small accessory, so I didn’t want tobother other colleagues to go out and drive for a few hours to get it.

Fifth, at times, the surrounding construction workers were smashed in the head or got hand injury. Everywherewas shocking scenes of injury, but no one here cried and feared.We only haddetermined look and persistent impetus.

The on-site construction conditions were the most difficult one I have ever seen, but no one here complained about the hardship, because everyone had only one belief, that is, to complete before February 2nd. In order not to go to the toilet, many people didn’t eat boxed meals, and only ate a biscuit that they brought when they were hungry.

It is true that a friend in need is a friend indeed. Most people here didn’t know each other, but if you have any difficulties, anyone will try their best to help you. On two occasions, when the engineers who worked with me saw that my mask was a little ragged, they took the initiative to give me the masks they treasured. As long as you spoke, others would lend you what you need and what you see. Up to now, I have had a USB network card I borrowed from others on the spot. Warm-hearted man, I really didn’t know who you were, but if possible,I will definitely invite you to have a meal next time. All companies’ bosses were rushing to provide equipment, and no one calculated how much they donated.

When I left late at night, I saw the colleagues who had fallen asleep curled up next to the machine (which made them feel a little warmer). Although many people were too tired and coughed, none of them made an expression of disgust. There were only scenes of covering coats for each other and comforting each other.

At present, I have completed the main work of the network integration of Huoshenshan and Leishenshan Hospitals. So I go home and receive quarantine alone.  Recalling this experience, there is always uncontrollable excitement. This is the most meaningful job I have ever experienced. I not only have seen so many professional and dedicated IT workers, but also witnessed a pure, brave and kind spiritual feast.

Finally, I hope that the epidemic can be controlled as early as possible, and that the lively Wuhan in my heart will come back as soon as possible. I also hope that all leaders and teachers are healthy and everything goes well with their work.

Yesterday, Luan Yongyu, Party Secretary of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, and Yang Canming, Deputy Party Secretary and President of the university, expressed encouragement and appreciation to Li Ke through a video call. We also look forward to Li Ke’sreturn.

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