Graduation Season

Graduation Season: to present you the world famous universities’ offer ---- top students of class 1201 from International Statistics

Statistics international class of the School of Statistics and Mathematics differed from other general majors. The students of statistics international class would continue their study in Britain after finishing two years of courses in ZUEL. They had to make full preparations for International English Language Test System (IELTS) apart from the intense workload during the first two years of undergraduate. Faced with more arduous studies in Britain during the next two years including the completely different teaching models and more complicated learning materials, they must not only endeavor to defuse difficulties in both language barriers and cultural differences but also arrange well their own life. “The students of statistics international class are asked to make more painstaking efforts.” Pan Fei, a student in Class 1201 from International Statistics said, “As a saying goes ‘You reap what you sow’. It is not surprising that all thirteen of us succeeded in applying for postgraduate studies in the world famous universities, even including University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and ColumbiaUniversity. ”  

Pan Fei, recognized as “a top student” in class, deeply realized that anyone could not become a top student overnight. “Everyone’s enthusiasm was dampened after classes during the initial study in University  of Glasgow. The teachers never intended to slow down their teaching speed for us these international students. So we had to spent much time digesting every scrap of knowledge after class. And you can imagine how many efforts we have made.”

“Studying at home is quite different from studying abroad. The former puts emphasis on understanding and grasp of theoretical knowledge; students studying in foreign countries are given relevant practical training of almost every course and fairer learning environment. No pains, no gains. So no one could relax in studies.” Wu Yinxiang, a postgraduate of ColumbiaUniversity, said, “We focused our most energy on study and kept studying in the library deep into night for a month before the exams.”

What a top student does is certainly not only limited to study. Pan Fei actively joined drama club, the volunteer association of Federation of Youth League Committee and Students Union and other organizations during her years in ZUEL. She still had wonderful extracurricular life abroad because she joined the skiing club which was very exciting. “We have training on the indoor skiing resorts every week and even go skiing on the snow-capped mountains in the winter.” She said, “In addition, I love traveling. I firmly believe that ‘Traveling is a good way to experience life’ I can really feel the unique features of every country, breathe the air in different lands and enjoy real happiness during my journey.”

 Top students can also enjoy a lot of fun in their spare time instead of being so-called bookworms. Wu Yinxiang shared something funny. “We cut hair for each other with our own clippers because of the high expenditure in British barber shops. One boy was forced to wear his cap for a long time because his roommate unintentionally shaved his sideburns; Another time I went to do something else while doing the dishes. Then I unintentionally put the cooked noodles into the bowl where the dishwashing liquid was still left. So the noodles tasted... You can imagine. ”

The class composed of 13 students was just like a big family in the foreign country. They did many things together including cooking and self-study in the shared apartment, competing with each other in study and caring about each other in life. “We all learned to cook, good or not, so as to save expenses in the shared apartment.” Pan Fei said, “We mostly took turn to cook. But I was responsible for all breakfast owning to my bad cooking. And the dinner had to be left to others. ”

“I want to thank my roommates, Liu Bin and Cheng Ge.” Wu Yinxiang said, “I am also grateful to the big family, Class 1201 from International Statistics. We spent time traveling, skiing, watching movies and striving for our future together. We left unforgettable memories to each other and made overseas life wonderful.”

Away from loved ones, they made themselves better in each other’s company. Growth and gains may be what they get in universities!


Appendix: Postgraduates’ offer of famous universities in Class 1201 from International Statistics




Cheng Ge

University of Cambridge

Mathematical Statistics

Pan Fei

University of Oxford

Applied Statistics

Duan Haiwen

University of Oxford

Applied Statistics

Liu Bin

Imperial College London

Financial engineering 

to be admitted

Xu Yunyuan

The London School of Economics and Political Science

Financial statistics

Xu Qianqian

University College London


Yang Di

University College London

Data science

Wang Zhining

University College London


Liu Shikun

University College London

Data science

Qiao Lu

Cass Business School

Actuarial science

(to be admitted

Ye Qianyun

University of outhampton


Li Yaxin

University of outhampton


Wu Yinxiang

Columbia University



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