School Song

Zhongnan University of Economics and Law-School Song

Lyrics: Yang Hui

Composer: Zhang Xingyuan

Arranger Conductor: Wu Hao

Recording mix: Zhang Tian

Vocal Guidance: Zhang Honglei

Art Direction: Wu Fan & Liu Shihui

Singing: School faculty choir & college students’ ensemble vocal


School song selection story

School songs are an important part of campus culture and a direct display of university image and school characteristics. In 2017, the school launched the school song lyrics collection activity, and received a positive response from the teachers and students alumni. Among the many submissions, Zhong Yuan University's 2nd Anniversary Song stood out. This song was written on the occasion of the second anniversary of the founding of the Zhong Yuan University in 1950. It was composed by the faculty member of the Literary Art Institute and the writer Yang Yu, the deputy director of the music department and the musician Zhang Xingyuan. The Anniversary Song of Zhong Yuan University was born in the atmosphere of the renewal of Vientiane in New China. The melody is strong and powerful, and the lyrics are sincere and enthusiastic. The whole song shows the great ideals and spiritual outlook of the teachers and students of Zhong Yuan University who are actively involved in the construction of the motherland. .

Subsequently, the school extensively solicited the opinions of school leaders, teachers and students alumni, organized experts to conduct audition and full argumentation, and after several discretion, it was finally determined as the School song of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. With the 70th anniversary of the School song of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, the school will adhere to the spirit of the Zhong Yuan University, remain true to our original aspiration, and move forward.


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