Liu Xiaotong

Liu Xiaotong: to be the most beautiful mentor of college students

The 2019 Wuhan Marathon was successfully held. Among the participants, there is a beautiful figure-Liu Xiaotong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and instructor ofZhongnan University of Economics and Law. Starting from the first Wuhan Marathon in 2016, with a group of five students, she has runfour half-marathons and a 13-kilometer healthy run, for a total distance of more than 100 kilometers.


Liu Xiaotong has been an instructor of ZUEL for 13 years, and she is now nicknamed Marathon Goddess by students for her positive energy. Many students follow her when she is doing daily exercises. More importantly, students regarded Liu Xiaotong as the most beautiful mentor in college life.


Mr. Liu never talks about the principle, she always acts as our role model, lets us make involuntarily progress with her. It is reported thatin order to cultivate students' behaviors to develop habits, she agreed with the students to challenge tasks every semester. From practicing the vest line, insisting on long-distance running, learning English to reading weekly, she never lost her promises, and students have also handed in satisfactory answers to the habits of learning, living and other aspects.

In order to help students with poor self-control ability and academic difficulties, she studied with her students. On the one hand, she took a doctoral degree in law for four years, on the other hand, the students who had studied with her also took off the hat of Xuezha, and some recevived scholarships, and some were admitted to the graduate school of the prestigious school.

In order to change the mental state of the students and strengthen physical exercise, Liu Wei took the students to “horse race” and exercise. In May last year, she also got the national fitness coach certificate. For the purpose to improve students' subjective initiative and promote students' self-management mode, she devoted herself to research and published a monograph of 200,000 words.

In order to help students with employment difficulties improve their employability, she set up an “employment assault squad” to modify their resumes, practice self-introduction, and simulate recruitment. She became an expert in employment guidance, and students became “advanced” and “advanced”, 100% of the srudents got the satisfaction of the offer.

A disabled student with lower limbs was confused and helpless.After being acquainted with such situation, Liu Wei accompanied her to participate in group activities, encouraged her to learn network skills, and to understand the possible path of the future workplace with her and to develop a detailed action plan. The student's four-year college life is full of color, representing Hubei Province to participate in the National Handicapped Computer Contest, and was also admitted to a training company.


The conserderate friend of students

What impressed the students most was her smile. During chatting in the bedroom, communicating in the classroom, eating in the cafeteria, running on the playground at night, Liu Wei, who is with the students, always has a signature smile. In the past 13 years, she has been keeping a lot of knowledge on her students, at least once every semester, learning life, thinking and understanding. Every time she communicates with students, she talks about her sister. .

A student has repeatedly collided with classmates and teachers, and interpersonal relationships are tense. Liu Wei took the initiative to talk to him, and he accidentally with him in the cafeteria and playground. He took him for medical advice when he was sick. A warm smile infected the hedgehog student, and the student took the initiative to talk to him about the confusion and fear of the future. With the guidance and help of Liu Wei, the students finally recovered their self-confidence and confidence in the future. They successfully ran for the squad leader and were admitted to the graduate school of the prestigious school.

At the grassroots level, I met a little girl who had a poor life because her family was poor, her father worked outside the home, and lived a hard life with her grandparents. His eyes were full of expectations for love and the outside world. Liu Wei used her time during the summer vacation to pick up her knowledge, see the world, and have a long experience with her daughter. The child is very attached to her and affectionately calls her Auntie Mom.

Ideological and political teacher

Today's talk about Marx micro-movie, stick by Chinese characteristics drama performance, pictures in the heart group counseling, in a ship that is about to sink, you first throw away wealth or throw away the integrity.... Liu Wei The atmosphere in the classroom is active and diverse.

Through Everything is good, we will talk about emotional education and family virtues, talk about patriotism through e-sports competitions, talk about independent thinking through singularity, and talk about responsibility through funeral culture and Buddhism youth, and stress the stress through exaggeration.... .. The latest material, the case of more than ten years of first-line student work accumulated, hand in hand to face the confusion of students, reaching the hearts of students.

Liu Xiaotong pays attention to integrating resources and expanding the main body of education to the three circles: the inner circle is the students themselves, the class committee, the student congress, the hearing and the strict class rules, the characteristic culture is the grasp of the class management, the rules The procedures, rights and obligations are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people; the middle circle is the counselor, the full-time teacher and the party and government management experts. In the past 13 years, she has invited more than 100 professional teachers and party and government management experts to board the platform for helping the mechanics to develop Chang Chengcai; The circle is alumni, enterprise, and practice base. She widely invites excellent alumni and corporate executives to approach students, set up an off-campus practice base, infect students with role struggle, growth sentiment, and practical spirit, and use the broad grassroots practice in China. Train the students' tough will and spirit.

Liu Xiaotong also strives to set up scholarships for social resources. In 2018, he received social assistance of 2.3 million yuan and benefited 125 students. Combining the characteristics of students at different stages, she has integrated the “four levels” of enrollment adaptive education, career planning education, professional advanced education and school-based convergence education, and has opened up from enrollment to graduation, from individual to school to society. All links have effectively solved the problem of hard blocking of educational channels.

In addition, Liu Xiaotong also launched the counselor's ability improvement plan, set up the “Xiaonan Workshop” counselor studio, and created two teams of scientific research and theoretical presentations. Established Xi'an Xi Jinping's New Age Young People's Studies Society with Chinese Characteristics, and carried out a series of youth study exchanges and theoretical propaganda activities such as classic study, youth squatting, and youth lecture halls. Organizing the experience of the 100 law youths from the 17th Central School in Central China to exchange ideas, think, practice, and enlighten new ideas, and become the first platform for the exchange of ideas for juvenile youth in Central China.

The deeper the knowledge, the harder it is. Since the day she stepped on the position of counselor, Liu Wei felt deeply responsible. She used her firm beliefs and persistent beliefs to protect the healthy growth of her students. She used her words and deeds to demonstrate her mission. Paving through the road; she used 13 years of hard work to make a vivid interpretation of the true meaning of the counselor's career.

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