70th Anniversary

Carrying forward the Past and Opening the Future - First Launch of 70 meters Chinese Scroll to Contribute for the 70th Anniversary of ZUEL

In order to welcome the 70th anniversary of the ZUEL, China and South Korea School of New Media has drawn a long scroll of traditional Chinese painting with 1 meter high and 70 meters long, showing the 70-year history of ZUEL to the teachers, students and alumni in the form of Chinese ink painting. The long scroll is called Carrying forward the Past and Opening the Future - A traditional Chinese painting Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of ZUEL. It’s 70 meters in length, with 70 seals, of which the main seal is a 70 mm square seals carvedCarrying forward the Past and Opening the Future. Seals adopt the combination of virtual and real, which implies magnificent, inclusive, and the spirit that following the dictates of the heart without transgressing what was right.


The painting, which took six months to prepare from March this year, was eventually completed by the end of August after careful preparations. It will be exhibited in new stadium during the celebration, offering a spiritual feast for the cultural and academic celebration.


The trace of relocation with a history of 70 years

As the scroll slowly unfolds, the brush and ink dripping, people are deeply shocked by its magnificent achievement which vividly depicted landscape, flowers and plants as well as campus scenery. From the majestic Taihang Mountains to the rough Yellow River and the Yangtze River flowing to the east, and from the Zhongyuan University to the former site of the ZUEL of Henan University, then to today's Shouyi Campus and Nanhu Campus, the Yellow Crane Tower standing on the Bank of the Yangtze River seems to witness the great changes of the ZUEL. The scroll reflects the 70-year relocation of the campus, and reflects the historical development through the landmark buildings and routes of different times. Square seals are printed on every building that marks the historical node, which gives different historical significance to each building. Meanwhile, the 70-meter scroll represents the seventy years that ZUEL has gone through.

The scroll not only reflects the 70-year trace of relocation, but also shows the spring and autumn course of the ZUEL through the 70-year seasonal variations. In the first place, the green Taihang Mountains of Yan’an in the spring shows the vitality of our university during the establishment period in 1948. This vitality sustains the spirit of revolution and grows with our country. The South Lake Campus of ZUEL in a vigorous spring depicted in the painting indicates the vigorous development of our university. The painting starts from the north gate and loops around the campus, showing an unique campus scenery. It depicts the Wenbo Clock Tower standing alone the Xiaonan Lake and across the Wenlan Building, followed by Jiukong Bridge, and then Hongyuan Building, as if the willows vividly fluttered with the breeze blowing.Looking at the picture scroll, the alumni seemed to be on the scene and went back to the way that they go to class everyday, which aroused their endless attachment to their alma mater.


Busy in May, Review the History

In March 2018, China and South Korea School of New Media invited Yang Leyou, an adjunct professor, and Prof. Chen Yi and Prof. Chen Yufang from the school of Art of Hubei University of Economics, to paint the 70-meter long scroll. Professor Hao Yuguo, an famous seal sculptor, took the lead in carving the seal and finally verified by Prof. Yang Leyou, First-Class Artist, Member of China Artists Association. Professor Kong Qi, a famous painter, was also invited to give guidance, Professor Li Baolin, president of Heshan Painting Association of China Artists Association, was invited to serve as an art consultant and inscribe the scroll.

Professor Yang introduced that he feel arduous and glorious when he received this task for the first time, and he began to conceive from March, and all the work was launched in April. On the basis of earnestly studying the History of ZUEL, he and other two painters visited the first batch of students of the former Zhongyuan University, Ms. Huang Hong and Mr. Ma Dingzhong, and went to the archive in the Henan University to hold a symposium and consult relevant materials inanattemptto fully show the history and culture of ZUEL. In addition, those people review the development process, and strive to fully show the history of our university.


Yang Leyou recalled that during the expedition process, the school leaders showed their utmost solicitude. When the creators’ team and the faculty of the school Propaganda Department went to on-the-spot collection in Dabaizhuang, Baofeng, Henan, the assistant principal of the school, Zou Bingguo, and the dean of the China-Korea College, Zhu Zhenyan, went to Dabaizhuang to visit all the staff with the heavy rain, and explained the era background of the Zhongyuan University establishment and the hardships of teaching in those years. And also accompanied them to visit the Baofeng Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall to help them understand the history. After this, each of them was greatly encouraged.

After a field work study, the painters have a clearer understanding of the magnificent development history of the ZUEL. They all agreed that this giant long scroll must show its great sentiments and giant layout. In order to better represent the scene of the contemporary campus, they sketched on the Nanhu and Shouyi campuses despite the scorching sun in the summer vacation. They have walked around the campus from the North Gate in Nanhu countless times, and have observed every teaching building and surrounding environment. The flowers and trees on the campus are all designed to be depicted in the form of freehand. They fought against high temperatures, busy with sketching during the day, and fought against tiredness, busy with creating small drafts at night. They used academic skills and emotional sentiments to complete a small draft of 0.5*35 meters on July 12, 2018. And after repeatedly polished, On July 18th, a 70-meter long roll was officially created. During the period, the Party Secretary Qi Yongyu and the President Yang Canming and other leaders came to the studio to visit and greet the painter many times. “Leaders often come to the studio to eat lunch with us during the summer vacation, and at the same time put forward constructive opinions on our creation, which makes us moved. Professor Yang said in the interview.

Ink dyeing, reflecting cultural connotation

In order to better display the cultural connotation of the works, the creators are guided by the instructions of the principal Yang Canming, which uses the Chinese painting art with Chinese characteristics to show the changes of the school history and interpret the spirit of the ZUEL. Professor Yang Leyou said that through the Chinese painting art to express the ambition of writing into a picture, taking historical, academic and ornamental factors into account, can make alumni have a beautiful experience while reviewing the history of the school, and make students intuitively saw the development of the school in the past 70 years and had a new and deeper understanding of the school history.

Professor Qi Yongyu, the party secretary of the school, also spoke highly of this work. The 70-meter Chinese paintings showthe brilliant achievements of ZUEL in the past, promotes the pioneering spirit of the ZUEL, spreads the culture of the ZUEL, and encourages the ZUELers to remain true to our original aspiration, carry forward the cause pioneered by our predecessors and forge ahead into the future it has far-reaching historical and practical significance.

Since its founding in 1948, ZUEL has grown up with the motherland with the red revolutionary blood. “Continue with the Past and Open up the Future “not only bears the 70 years history of the ZUEL, but also shows the profound foundation of the 70 years of ZUEL, and even shows the brilliant future of ZUEL. ZUEL will also continue to share the same destiny with the motherland and strive to continuously deliver outstanding talents to the motherland.

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