Jiang Fuan

Jiang Fuan: Inherent Quality Is Performed by His Responsibility; Great Works Are Achieved by His Actions.

Jiang Fuan, male, the Yi Nationality, born in October, 1989 in Yanyuan County, Sichuan Province, majored in finance of the School of Public Finance and Taxation in Zhongnan University of Economics and Law and joined the CPC in June, 2012. He was recruited as the civil servant of the Audit Bureau of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province in October, 2014 and worked in there in October, 2015 and assumed the post as the first Village Secretary of Sieji Village, Jiukou Town, Meigu County. However, he returned to dust suddenly at the age of 26 on 22nd, August, 2016.

What kind of reputation would he leave with just two years of work after the graduation? How did he work for the benefit of the masses during his one year of term in the village? Why could a 26-year-old man shine himself in the barren Liangshan within such a short period? Many teachers and students of our university have been seeking the answers of these questions from Jiang over the past one month. Hence, a month after his death, our university dispatched a group of faculties to Liangshan, a city up the hill, to convey the condolences and visit the villagers for 4 days, trying to find the answers.

The Colleagues:We are Proud of Jiang

On September 22nd, one month after Jiang Fuan’s death, the leaders and colleagues of the Audit Bureau in Liangshan still felt deeply sorrowful for his death when talking about him.

Hu Guoliang, the Party Secretary of the Audit Bureau gave this view to Jiang: “Modesty, sincerity and warm heartedness” are his most striking features. Worked here since the August, 2014, he involved himself in the work and the society quickly, never putting on the airs of a graduate from a famous university.” Hu added, “Jiang was so modest that he always thought and learned how to be a good auditor, working diligently and meticulously. After some time, the seasoned auditors gave the tasks to him with full trust.”

Chen Yong from the Financial Foreign Policy Department and Jiang were recruited in the same year, facing each other across the office table. Chen, impressed by Jiang’s carefulness and meticulousness, told us that Jiang, though lived the farthest from the office, always arrived earliest. Jiang was once caught in a traffic jam because of a heavy rain. Worrying about being late for work, he got off the bus without hesitation, regardless of the howling wind and pouring rain, and arrived in the office on time, throwing himself into the work the minute he changed his clothes. As long as there need extra hours to handle the heavy work, he always took the initiative to assume those works. In his first year, he even offered to work overtime during the Torch Festival, the most important event to Yi people.

When talking about Jiang, Zhang Zhiming from the Audit Bureau office couldn’t restrain his tears: “We three passed the examination here together in 2014. He was so willing to help others that each time I asked him to see whether there was something wrong with my writings, he would read and polish them carefully. He loved his job, loved this unit, showing less interest in fame and wealth and never fawning on anyone. We have said that we three will be brothers for lifelong, however, he just left us like that.”

Cai Xia, the head of the Financial Foreign Policy Department was deeply saddened by Jiang’s death. She told us that Jiang always worked his hardest regardless of the task assigned to him. When assumed the post of the first village clerk, he still offered to help with issues in the bureau, as long as he went back to there, which won praises of all the colleagues. After his death, the colleagues cried all day long for losing such a good cadre and friend.

One colleague wrote sadly on his Moments: “Before you can savor life’s joys and reveal your talents of being an excellent auditor, you gave your life for the poverty alleviation of Liangshan, leaving us, your beloved relatives and your newly married wife forever at the age of 26. Even so, your handsome looks and modesty will always with us in our hearts. We are proud of you.”

Fellow villagers: Our Village Secretary is Wa JiWa (Perfect)

In August, 2015, Jiang Fu’an was assigned as the first Village Secretary by the Audit Bureau for poverty alleviation in Sieji village, JiukouTown, MeiguCounty. Jiukou town is 180km away from Xichang city, the capital of Liangshan prefecture. Dirt roads will meet your eyes along the way (about 180km from Jiukou to Xichang) and it will take you about 8 hours to get there. Located on the mountain at an altitude of 300 meters, Sieji village is about 4 or 5 away from the township government of Jiukou town (still dirt road along the way, featuring dusty sunny days and muddy rainy days, and basically without any vehicles). Considering the poor accommodation in Sieji village, the township Party committee of Jiukou town offered accommodation for Jiang in the town. Hence, he had to pass the dirt road every day.

When assumed the post, Jiang always walked beside the fields to investigate the poverty in this village, finally drawing the conclusion accurately that there were 32 poor families (114 poor residents) in this village. During those days, though wearing out three pairs of shoes, his steps and actions deeply impressed the villagers. The poorest families in the village are Ouqi Zuoge’s and Ma Rigu’s. Hence, Jiang gave special attention to them. Ouqi Diwu clearly remembers Secretary Jiang’s every care and help. He said, “Each family in the village was to get 150kg of potato seeds, however, considering my family’s difficulty, he gave us 250kg of potato seeds. Apart from that, he always sent us rice, edible vegetable oil and warm clothing as gifts. The 56-year-old Ma Rigu and his wife Aer Azi had 4 children, and the eldest two of them were so badly ill that they needed long-term medical treatments. Ma Rigu said, “Secretary Jiang has given 400 yuan to us twice. One was 300 yuan for my three children, the other was 100 yuan for me when visiting us.” Looking at the newly-installed water pipe, Aer Azi who can’t speak Chinese, described Secretary Jiang only in one word—— “Wa Ji Wa” (means “perfect” in English).

The villagers still remember that Jiang has organized Party Member Volunteer Service Association to publicise the policy of controlling the drugs, preventing the AIDS and realizing “four-good” families; that he sent more than 50 children of school age to study in the teaching place, supported by “One Village One Kindergarten” policy ; that he sent 6 orphans to Benevolence school for study; that he got the love fund about 5000 yuan for a high school student; and that he coordinated the Audit Bureau and public service organizations to send warm clothing to the poor families and children in the village.

He drew up Poverty Alleviation Plan of Sieji Village to match the poverty alleviation mode of “Three Borrowing Three Returning” proposed by the county party committee, then implemented the “Borrowing and Returning of Sweet Potato Project”. In January of this year, he won over 10000kg of Qingshu 9# seeds of potatoes for the village and mobilized the villagers to conduct high yield demonstration planting from door to door. In August, the villagers gladly gave him a nickname—— “Potato Secretary” for the harvest.

 In order to lift the village out of poverty, he was not only the “Potato Secretary”, but also a “thick-skinned Secretary”. Although he was silent and introverted in daily life, he actively endeavored to get the funds and projects. He successively carried out the projects of “Borrowing and Returning Sweet Potatoes”, “Green Pepper Planting and Borrowing and Returning Goats”, and gained funds over 3 million yuan for industrial development, water conservancy restoration and through-the-village road construction. Therefore, the village has changed day by day without noticing. In February, two drinking water safety projects were built for solving drinking water issue of over 30 families. In April, there were 3000 Chinese prickly ash seedlings planted in the village. And in May, substantial improvements were made over the village-level road which only allowed the people and livestock to pass in the past time. Now, the villagers can move into new houses soon for the launch of security housing construction project. The project of upgrading through-the-village road to cement road, which was worth 1.85 million yuan, was also his effort in beating up and down in county road transport bureau.

Several days before his death, Jiang, together with other village cadres, also made new arrangement. They planned to “bring the remaining families willing to breed Meigu goats into program; to offer subsidies to those 20 families which didn’t get subsidies due to the lack of funds before; and to expand the number of students to 42 in the class, supported by the “One Village One Kindergarten” policy, ensuring all the children of school age can have access to education.” At the end of his working notes, he wrote “I believe that under the leadership of countyParty committee and county government, and with joint efforts of Jiukou township government and 617 villagers in Sieji village, we will definitely make practical progress in poverty alleviation, thus submitting a satisfactory answer to all the villagers.

Just within one year, Jiang was honored as advanced individual for poverty alleviation in Liangshan prefecture in 2015 and excellent residenceVillage Secretary in MeiguCounty in 2016. During his lifetime, he always said “happiness varies from individual to individual, and for my part, happiness comes from the simple greetings and hopeful eyes of villagers in Sieji village.

At the news of Jiang’s death, villagers living far or near, including a funeral team of more than 20 villagers, headed by their chief, Shiyi Erqian, rushed to Jiang’s place through the night. Then, more and more people arrived to keep vigil and gave their helping hands. During the cremation, colleagues from Liangshan Audit Bureau and villagers from MeiguCounty cried, with tears streaming their faces.

Shiyi Erqian said, “He walked from the town to the village on this dirt road at 8 or 9 am every morning during this year, and walked back to the town at 5 or 6 pm after a busy day. We all consider him as a member of our village and families. And the entire village is expecting him every day.

The Classmates: Brother An Serves as the Voice of the Spirits of Our Class

On October 1st, Yang Yi, Zhang Nana, Ren Huanhuan, Li shen and Lv Xiongfeng of Finance Class one of 2010, all were classmates of Jiang in the university, arrived in Xi Chang, Sichuan province respectively from Beijing, Kunming, Guangzhou and Wuhan to meet Jiang’s wife, xiaomin, also their alumna of 2010. Subsequently, they went to Jiang’s hometown to see his parents and pay homage to Brother An.

Jiang, always like a big brother, is so warmhearted and amicable that all the classmates called him “Brother An”. Li Shen said, “Toughness, responsibility and modesty are the spirits of our class, and brother An serves as the very voice of those spirits”, which gave a good answer to the question——Why do the classmates miss Brother An so desperately?

Talking about Brother An, the classmates would think of the “Freshman Talent Competition” in 2010. The monitor Zhang Nana said, “Brother An offered to practice a dance featuring Yi nationality and taught us every night. Without dance background, it was so difficult for us to learn that our dancing moves and expression aren’t as good as they should be, almost making our dance be cancelled. Hence, we felt very upset, however, Brother An didn’t give up and insisted on practice, encouraging us to keep moving. Finally, we passed the program screening. All of us admired him the minute we finished the dance excitedly.

According to the regulations of the university, Party members cannot be recruited without the democratic discussions in the class. Zhang Nana told us that though Jiang didn’t hold important post in the class and was low-keyed, he was considered to be a competent Party member by the entire class for his great contributions to the class and his good characters. After being recruited as the probationary Party member, he was still strict with himself as always, playing an exemplary role for student Party members.

Though he was neither the monitor nor the leader of sports in the class, he always made himself involved in class sports events, organizing practices and participating in competitions. When there was a volleyball match, he always arrived at the stadium at 6:30am to organize the players to do warm-up exercises and practice digging; when there was a basketball game, he always acted as the key pillar of his class in that he almost won half of the scores. He not only affected the people around him, but also molded the team spirit. His class won the second prize in many competitions and won the honors of outstanding class as well as standout Youth League Branch.

In classmates’ memories, Brother An did numerous things for them —— when acted as the “commissary in charge of psychology”, he collected the wishes of the classmates to make birthday cards for them; when served as the commissary in charge of study, he learned software application and type setting, finally establishing the magnificent class newspaper named “the Post House of the Soul” all by himself; in the senior year, he designed the class uniform, made senior year book and wrote a letter to every classmate, all of which were definitely the best presents for the classmates. Zhang Nana said, “I don’t know how many nights did he spend in thinking about the logo on the class uniform; I don’t know how many places did he went to just for a lower price for the class uniform. However, I know that when all of us wore the class uniform in the graduation dinner party, he didn’t show up for his interview in Sichuan.”

When finding jobs in the senior year, he wanted nothing but to go back to his hometown to develop his homeland because he always thought that he could not be admitted to the university without the blessing of his hometown. He was inspired not so much for his ability to be recruited by the Audit Bureau of Liangshan Prefecture as for his love for his less-developed hometown. It was said that Jiang could have had better opportunities and wider stage for development with his abilities and qualities. However, he didn’t choose to be that selfish at the very start.

The last Moment in his WeChat was that “Constant overwork and staying up all night is making me exhausted.” Zhang Jianshun said, “He followed his virtuous heart to work for poverty relief, spreading warmth to every corner of Liangshan. Brother An, from you, we see the good things in the world and know that kindness and spirit of dedication will always be with us.”

The School: Jiang Fuan is the Model of the Entire Zhongnan University of Economics and Law

When the news of Jiang Fuan’s death in line of duty reached his Alma Mater, the entire university felt deeply saddened and, at the same time, was deeply moved by his deeds in the grass root organization as well as his dedication to the poor mountain village. Secretary Zhang Zhonghua and President Yang Canming asked to promote Jiang’s model deeds in the whole university, thus spreading positive energy to the entire world.

Zhang Zhonghua, the Chair of the Council of our university spoke highly of Jiang Fuan’s spirit of dedication. He said, “I feel moved by and proud of cultivating such an excellent student in our university, and I also feel regretful for his death at an early age. He set a good example of being a competent communist in the new historical period. The majority of graduates of our university work in the important enterprises or departments, and many graduates majored in finance, the state-level key subject in our university, work and live in comparatively developed areas. However, Jiang Fuan chose to go back to the poor mountainous area to dedicate his life to the villagers and the financial business of our country. Being a grass root worker in the Audit Bureau in Liangshan was not easy, and being responsible for poverty alleviation in the area with inaccessible transportation was more difficult. During the poverty relief, he was always there for villagers to get financial support, taking targeted measures in poverty alleviation, and then taking various measures to kill poverty. However, he broke down for constant work, not only contributing his ability and wisdom, but also giving his life. He is the model of the Party members and cadres in the new era. We must learn his spirit, fulfilling our own duties through wisdom and energy, and being an honest and competent communist with pure personhood.”

President Yang Canming said that although the life of Jiang Fuan is short, the legacy he left is rich. Fostering talents and studying knowledge are just one aspect, the true tasks of a university are to develop student’s independent personality, lofty character and a sound body. Higher education shall attach great importance to cultivate student’s patriotism, sense of social responsibility and historical mission. Jiang Fuan has demonstrated his noble personal quality. Poor as he is, he still helps others in need. He is also very heartful in service for his classmates. This is why his excellent performance in work is never an accident, which all attributes it to his respectable spirit of selflessness. We are very pride of having such a student to cultivate. We feel deeply sorry for his unfortunately death. The good deeds and noble spirit of him are wildly spread and recognized by public. Many alumni of our university have a strong patriotism and a sense of social responsibility. They dedicate themselves in their career, making they own contribution in a low profile to the society without considering of personal gains and losses. As a university, especially a university of humanities and social science, we should adhere to the better experience in our education to foster students’ moral mentality and sentiment. We need to search and discover more alumni with high morality, inhering and carrying forward the good qualities leaving on them of the spirit of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law.

Zhou Wei, Secretary of Party Committee of School of Public Finance and Taxation expresses that the noble spirit of Jiang Fuan has set up a banner of spirit, we will work hard to cultivate more students with such indomitable spirit. In implementing the minority policy, our university will admit a number of students of ethnicminorities, a considerable portion of whom are enrolled in School of Public Finance and Taxation. Jiang, a Yi Nationality student from Liangshan,  Sichuan Province, is one of them. The School pays great importance to cultivate, guide and serve them in a good way. For students from ethnic minorities, we focus on the cultivation of faith, morality, professions as well as a sound personality. In addition, to further build students’ indomitable spirit at School of Public Finance and Taxation, while fostering their patriotism and international academic vision, we encourage our students to work at grassroots level and serve people, making their contribution to the society.

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