News & events

2017-10-23Evaluation of the Teaching for Undergraduate Students of ZUEL Begins Today 2017-10-20ZUEL Held the Symposium of “Learning the Spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and Constructing First-class Disciplines” 2017-10-01Representatives of Compatriots of Xinjiang in Hubei Celebrated National Day in ZUEL 2017-09-28New Faculty of ZUEL Zhang Bisi Won the Champion of French Speaking Contest of CGTN. 2017-09-22ZUEL Listed as University of Double First-rate Construction 2017-09-18Return of Capital and Intelligence to Wuhan—Alumni of ZUEL Boost the Development of Wuhan with Projects of 154.6 Billion 2017-09-05Opening Ceremonies were Held for the New Students of 2017 2017-09-038. The Special Activity of the “Project of the Return of Capital and Intelligence of Millions of Alumni to Wuhan” will be Held in ZUEL 2017-08-17Our University Set a New Record of the Approvals of the Projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China 2017-08-0423 General Research Projects of Our University Got Project Approvals of the Humanities and Social Science Research Fund of the Ministry of Education 2017-07-31Alumnus Tian Guoli and Alumnus Chen Siqing Appointed the Secretaries of the Party Committee of China Construction Bank and the Party Committee of Bank of China 2017-07-0428 Research Projects of Our University Got Project Approvals of National Social Science Fund of 2017 2017-06-22More than 7000 Graduates Gathered for the “Genuine Words” with “Genuine Emotions” 2017-06-12The Fourth Circuit Court of the Supreme People’s Court Signed a Letter of Intent with Our University