Italian Prime Minister Conte Sending a Congratulatory Letter to the Launch of the Education Program of Sino-Italy Institute


News Network (Correspondent: Chen Bo, Xu Jianfei) The Sino-Italy Institute was successfully established in ZUEL based on the collaboration between ZUEL and Sapienza University of Rome on April 26th. Master degree program “European studies: comparative law and European law” represents the first educational program after the establishment of the institute.

When Italian Prime Minister Conte heard the news about the program, he sent the delegation from Sapienza University of Rome a sincere congratulatory letter on April 28th, which was read out by Gianni Gaudio, the president of Sapienza University of Rome at the teach-in of the program on April 29th. The letter wrote, “I firmly believe that different countries, especially China and Italy, should take cultural exchanges and academic activities as an essential measure to extend commerce and trade and seize economic opportunities. The master degree program “European studies: comparative law and European law” is a perfect example. I emphasized in my speech in the 2nd ‘The Belt and Road’ International Cooperation Summit Forum that cooperation should extend to cultural fields, rather than being limited in material area. As President Mattarella mentioned during his visit to China in 2017, ‘We should build this connection into a new silk road to knowledge.”

The congratulatory letter has been prominently posted in the official website of Sapienza University of Rome.

The past few years has seen the fruitful exchanges and cooperation between ZUEL and Sapienza University of Rome. The Sino-Italy Research Center for Legal Study has been set up in Sapienza University of Rome with President Mattarella as witness; the Chinese Law Library has been built based on the cooperation between the two universities with the Minister of Ministry of Education in Italy. President Yang Canming of ZUEL and President Gaudio of Sapienza University of Rome signed a motivation letter for cooperative education. A year’s hard work has delivered pleasant outcomes: Master degree program “European studies: comparative law and European law” has been approved by Chinese Ministry of Education in April 2018, becoming one of the few high-level Sino-Foreign cooperative legal education programs in China. The Sino-Italy Institute in ZUEL is the first Sino-Italy cooperation program for higher education after Italy declared its support for the “Belt and Road Initiative”. The establishment of the Sino-Italy Institute is a concrete and important measure to put the cooperative motivation in place and to deepen the educational cooperation between the two countries.