Alumnus Ma Mingzhe Returned to Visit His Mentor Prof. Zhou Jun


News Network (Reporter Cui Zhenzhen Photographer Xu Zhichi) Mr. Zhou, how are you doing? On the morning of April 11, our outstanding alumnus Dr. Ma Mingzhe, Chairman and CEO of Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd., returned to alma mater and visit his doctoral tutor, famous finance scholar, and 91-year-old Professor Zhou Jun. XieYonglin, co-CEO and Chairman, Deputy General Manager and General Manager of North China District, Rao Jinsong, Vice President of Ping An Bank Yang Zhiqun, Deng Hong, President of Ping An Bank Wuhan Branch, Luan Yongyu, secretary of the Party Committee of ZNUEL, Yang Canming, president of ZNUEL, president assistant Zou Bingguo, Professor Zhu Xinrong, Professor Song Qinghua and Professor Tang Wenjin from the School of Finance accompanied Dr. Ma Mingzhe. The head of the Alumni Work and Social Cooperation Department participated in the event.