Our School and China Poly Group Carried Out The“Off-Campus Counselor”Activities


News Network News (student reporter Deng lanjie Photographer Zhouling) In April, the “Senior Executives' Lecture - 100 Open Classesfrom State-owned Enterprises and SOEs’ managements served as off-campus counselors.” was jointly launched by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and the Ministry of Education in a bid to build a comprehensive education system. 50 universities will be selected to pair with 50 state-owned enterprises. The management of those enterprises will set up lessons for college students, and some of them will serve as off-campus counselors. Off-campus counselors can get close to students, learn about students, and guide students through conversations, instructions and corporate open days. As the first batch of participating universities, our school is paired with China Poly Group Co. Ltd.

On the afternoon of April 25th, ZNUEL and China Poly Group launched the first “Off-Campus Counselor” theme activity. Assistant General Manager Wang Junning from Hubei Poly Development and General Manager Assistant Xiao Hongwei from Poly Real Estate Hubei Company, our off-Campus counselors, and deputy secretary of the school party committee Wang Wengui, who is also the director of the Students’ Affairs Department and the Youth League Committee, and more than 40 student representatives, representatives of outstanding young employees of China Poly Group participated in the event.

Wang Wengui, deputy secretary of the school party committee, issuedappointment papers to two “off-campus counselors.” He hoped that the students would make full use of the valuable opportunities of pairing up with China Poly Group to gain a deeper understanding of the achievements of state-owned enterprises in reform and development, broaden their horizons, apply their knowledge in practices, deepen theoretical knowledge, enhance social responsibility, and cultivate patriotism in understanding society and personal practice. Xiao Hongwei and Wang Junning said that they hope to make full use of the opportunity of being an off-campus counselor to share their rich life experiences with college students, to answer the students' questions during, and to provide guidance to the students on their future career planning.

The event is featured with “Come Closer with Military World Games”. The Village Project of the 7th CISM Military World Games to be held in Wuhan in October this year was undertaken by China Poly Group. China Poly Group invited our student representatives to the construction site of the Village, and contacted the workers to understand the hard work and dedication of the state-owned enterprise employees which motivates young students. The students watched the video introduction of China Poly Group and Wuhan Village Project, and gained a deep understanding of the Poly's great achievements in becoming a globally competitive Fortune 500 company in the process of reform and opening up.

The students all thought that the “off-campus counselor” theme activity narrowed the distance between students and enterprises. For the first time, they were close to major state-owned enterprises like China Poly Group, and they had a lot of face-to-face communications with the management of the company.