Soothing Package and Online Photo Album! ZUEL Carefully Serves Graduates Back to School


On June 22, the school will welcome the first batch of returning students. The school carefully plans to focus on four aspects to create a warm back-to-school atmosphere, so that students can return to school with the assured mind.

Constantly conducting back-to-school education. On the eve of the students’ return to school, the school’s counselors carried out an “online class meeting” for students’ back-to-school education through graduation seminars, heart-to-heart talks, Party and League activities, youth sharing, online evening parties, etc., so as to constantly carry forward a red line of patriotism education throughout. By doing so, students can fully master basic knowledge on return to school in “ideological and political classes” and on epidemic prevention and control in “health classes”.

Preparing detailed back-to-school guidelines. The school specially compiled and issued the “Guidelines for Counselors Work” and “Guidelines for Students Returning to School”, clarifying the precautions for students’ returning to school and specific requirements for counselors’ work during the epidemic prevention and control in terms of preparation for returning to school, epidemic prevention and control, health monitoring, thought guidance, and emergency response. Great efforts were made to help students return to school both smoothly and safely.

Providing all kinds of soothing services for students. The school carefully planned and prepared a soothing package for graduates, so that they can leave school with only one package. In addition to the protective materials, graduation certificate, degree certificate, registration certificate and other graduation materials in the soothing package, the school also specially prepared a “soothing meal/comforting dish”, an “insurance for the resumption of school and work”, and a graduation special issue of the school newspaper listing of all students in the Class of 2020 and a red gift package for Party members. What’s more, students can experience the “most familiar taste” in the cafeteria for free with meal coupons. In order to make the students' life after returning to school more comfortable, the counselors pre-packed protective equipment such as masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant in advance and helped clean up the bedroom for the students.

Making the graduation memory “unique”. Affected by the epidemic, “failing to take graduation photos” may be the biggest regret for graduates. In order to frame students’ youthful memories and make up for their regrets on this special June, the school specially designed and created an “online photo album”. Students can select campus scenes arbitrarily to generate personal graduation commemorative photos, classmate friendship photos, or class group photos through the mini-program/Wechat Applet named “cloud group photos”. How can there be no graduation party in the graduation season? The school has meticulously created the cloud party, “To You in 2020”, in which teachers and students participated together through the Internet, leaving a unique experience. Besides, the school invited representatives of distinguished teachers, including old principal Professor Wu Handong, the famous jurist, the famous scholar of social science in Jingchu, Professor Zhou Jun, the famous financial expert, the famous social science expert of Jingchu, who was nearly 90 years old, Professor Wan Houfen, the national distinguished teacher in teaching teacher, and Professor Sun Xianlin, the national model teacher, together with all the 2020 counselors and the teacher representatives who were well-loved by the students selected by the “I would like to ask ..(teacher) to join the Graduation Party” solicitation activity to recite “To You in 2020” online and sent best wishes for students.

As students return to school soon, the school insists on shouldering the responsibility, doing the work in real, build a “red firewall” so as to guard the safety line. With its real heart, sincere feelings, perseverance and action, students’ study life after returning to school can be fully guaranteed.