Campus life & service


The logistics support department and logistics entity center own full-time staff of 150 members, part-time staff of 700 to 800 members. They undertake various kinds of works: school teaching, scientific research, food supply for over thirty thousand studentsteachers and staff, water and electric supply, facilities maintenance, property management, campus greening and maintenance, sanitary of public places in campus, vehicle transportation, catering accommodation, preschool education of faculties’ children, management of some commercial doors and sites. In recent years, with the goal of “create a happy university, improve your sense of happiness”, the Logistics Support Department supplies all-round services to improve its function, tries its best to accelerate the construction of people-beneficial projects which include “boiled water supply in student’s dormitory”, “construction of buried dumps”, “air-conditions supply in student’s dormitory”, “comprehensive renovation of green places in Shouyi campus” and “upgrade of teacher’s lounges”. In the meanwhile, they set up the idea of “people-oriented”, build the maintenance working mechanism to further upgrade the efficiency of fragmentary maintenance work through self- adding pressure and innovative thinking. Under the support of school, they gradually open the promotion channel for logistics leaders and then establish long-term leader cultivation mechanism.

    Under the leadership of school party committee and administration departments, with joint efforts of several generations, all the leaders and staff in the logistics department always keep the goal of “long-term survival through safety, sustainable development through quality, good image through service”, they tackle with difficulties with all their efforts, push forward the fine style of “dare to and good at dealing with hard problems”. Through working together, they successfully accomplished various kinds of works and got good results”. They successively got honorary titles such as “the National Model Unit of Verdurization”, “Advanced Logistics Unit of Hubei Provincial Institution of Higher Learning on the Reform of Socialization”, “EcologicalGardenStyleSchool in HubeiProvince”, “Advanced Unit of Food Management in Colleges and Universities of Hubei Province”, “Advanced Unit of College Dormitory Management in HubeiProvince”. In the next stage, we will take the opportunity of deepening logistic system reform to further improve service quality so as to provide a better logistics support service for all the teachers and students.