Message from the president

   Chair of the University Council
of ZUEL:Hou Zhenfa
President of ZUEL:Yang Canming

In the past seventy-five years, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (ZUEL) has experienced trials, hardships and changes, and is now marching forward bearing the hopes of the founding fathers of the People’s Republic of China and the great trust of rejuvenation of education in China. With devoted labor of several generations of the administrative staff and the faculty, the University has now developed into a renowned university under the Ministry of Education of China with full-range educational levels, proper academic structure, remarkable comprehensive superiority, and profound overall strength. The University has developed into the important training base in China of the elites of such disciplines as finance and law as well as the influential research base and policy consulting center of humanities with economics, law, and management which enjoy so good a reputation at home and abroad as the backbone, and literature, history, philosophy, science and engineering as coordination. Large numbers of students have graduated from our university and have become the backbone of the society and the pillars of our country with their great contribution to the economic development and the construction of democratic legal system.

As time goes by, the great academic achievements of ZUEL remain shining through the ages. At present, the blueprint of the University promises a bright future. Under the circumstances of popularization, informationisation, and globalization of education of higher learning in China, the University, sticking to the guiding principle of achieving first-rate rank and highlighting special features, has clarified the development orientation of the University focusing on research and teaching, put forward the objective of building the University into the comprehensive and first-class university of humanities and social sciences with economics, law, and management as the backbone, set up the cultivation pattern for talents with the feature of applicability and developing strategy of scientific research, established the developing policy of disciplines by way of disciplinary integration and intersection to promote disciplinary development. Centered on the policy of reform and development, the University has established and perfected such three programs as development strategic program, disciplinary construction and faculty training program, and campus construction program. The University has started a Rejuvenation Project, namely, the establishment, rejuvenation, reinforcement and beautification of the University with disciplines, talents and scientific research. The University has also promoted and executed interior administrative system reform with the reform of personnel allocation system and socialization of logistic services as the core. With system construction and innovation on a large scale, the University has made remarkable achievements in various fields and the overall strength of the university has been quickly upgraded, social influence greatly expanding, competitive power greatly strengthened.

Forecasting the future, bearing the motto Learned, Rational, Virtuous and Devoted, we are confident to make great strides with vigorous efforts and build our university into the first-class comprehensive university of humanities and social sciences of our country.