Journal of ZUEL

 Journal of ZUEL is an academic journal, administered by the Ministry of Education of China and sponsored by ZUEL. It has been recognized as the core Chinese academic journal, comprehensive core journal of Economic science, core journal of Humanities and Social Sciences and core academic journal of RCCSE. This Journal has been awarded as “first top 10 social science journal”, ranking one of the top hundred social and science journal of the country in the second, third and fourth session, excellent journal in Hubei province, “excellent publishing works award in Hubei” as well as the first excellent journal in accordance with the standard of CAJ-CD. In addition, it is also covered as the source journal of CSSCI, journal collected by China Academic Journal Network Publishing Database(CAJD) in full text, statistical source journal of CAJCED, source journal of quality database of Chinese social science journal as well as the online selected journal of Chinese Science and Technology Journal database and Chinese science and technology paper of Science and technology development center of Ministry of Education. 

Since the establishment of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law 64 years ago, the university has been reconstructed, merged and relocated and the name of the journal has also been changed for several times. However, except a short time of period, the university has never suspended its tradition to run the journal.