Ways to donation

 Dear Alumni, as the saying goes, “Great things may be done by mass effort”; step by step, we can reach a long distance; trickles, if could be accumulated, can become a river. Let us work together and pool our tiny efforts in building a bridge of love passing down our gratitude generation by generation.

 The following ways are available to your donation.

1.Bank Transfer

(1)Inter-banktransfer in Wuhan

Account name: Alumni of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law

Account number: 554764476166

Bank of deposit: Bank of China, ZUEL branch

Bank number: 846006

(2)Transfer outside Wuhan

Account name: Alumni of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law

Account number: 554764476166

Name of bank: Bank of China, East lake development zone branch, Wuhan, China

Bank number: 104521003300

2.Online Donation (by Alipay)

Donate through Alipay is also available. You can entry our official Alumni website to finish your give in “online give” sector.

3.On-spot Donation

Place of donation: Zhongyuan building, Room 511, Nanhu campus, ZUEL

Tel: 027-88386943

Contract: Teacher Cheng

Please fax the transfer stub or remittance stub to 027-88386077 for register and record after finishing the donation.

Thank you