Research Overview

ZUEL has abundant qualified teachers and has achieved striking science and research results. At present, the university has 20 schools including School of Marxism, School of Philosophy, School of Economics, School of Public Finance and Taxation, School of Finance, Law School, Criminal Justice School, School of Foreign Languages, School of Journalism and Culture Communication, School of Business Administration, School of Accounting (Center of MPAcc), School of Public Administration (MPA Center), School of Statistics and Mathematics, School of Information Security Engineering, Wenlan School, School of Intellectual Property Rights, MBA School, School of Continuing Education (School of Online Education), International Education School and China and South Korea Institute of New Media (DSU). 

Up to now, our faculty has reached over 2400 members, among which there are about 1500 full-time teachers.There are over 270 professors, more than 580 associate professors and over 200 doctoral supervisors in our teachers’ team. There are now three Chang Jiang Scholars, two  Young Yangtze Scholars , 22 “Chutian Scholars” and 69 Wenlan Scholars from domestic and abroad. Besides, two peoples have been listed in the Ten Thousand Talent Program as the leading talents in the area of philosophy and social science, two selected as celebrity of culture and in the talent program of  Excellent Person in Four Fields  supported by the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, eight listed in the  New Century Talents Project , eleven elected as the member of the Teaching Advisory Board under the Ministry of  Education, over twenty persons listed in the  New Century Excellent Talents Supporting Plan of the Education Ministry  and the Fok Ying Tung young teacher fund. Our school has one nationwide famous teacher in higher education, 77 experts enjoys the special allowances of the State Council, 30 provincial New Century High-level Talents of Hubei province, 48 awarded as Young Experts Who Make an Outstanding Contribution to Hubei Province and by Special Government Allowance of Hubei Province. 

In recent years, the number of programs funded by National Social Science Fund in our university ranks the top among the institutes of higher education in our country, No.1 among the institutes of economics or law. Over the latest decades, teachers in ZUEL have been assigned and accomplished over 1000 items of key projects at state and provincial level. Among which 500 items were the key projects funded by the State Social Science Fund, the State Natural Science Fund, the Educational Department respectively, 400 of these being the science and research projects were sponsored by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Science and Technology. Over 13,000 in total research contributions have been made, including more than 800 monographs, more than 800 complied works and textbooks, and more than 11,000 papers. In particular, in 2003, the acquisition of nine prizes of the “Excellent Achievement of Scientific Research in Institutes of Higher Education” which represents the top-level research ability in the area of Humanities and Social Sciences, giving fully demonstration of the top science and research ability in the area of Humanities and Social Sciences of our school.