New achievement! Work of Professor Wu Handong selected into the Recommended Booklist for the Chinese Academic Translation Project of National Social Science Fund of China (NSSFC)


News Network (Correspondent Xu Jianfei) Recently, National Office for Philosophy and Social Sciences (NOPSS) has announced a public notice of some requirements for the applications for the Chinese Academic Translation Project of NSSFC. It was stipulated that all applications shall be based on works in the recommended booklist issued by NOPSS. In the renewed booklist, there are 13 works in the law field. The book –Research on the Theoretical System of Intellectual Property Rights in China, published by the Commercial Press, a prestigious press in China, and written by Wu Handong, senior professor, director of the Academic Committee of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (ZUEL), and the honorary director of Center for Studies of Intellectual Property Rights (CSIPRs) of ZUEL, has been selected into that booklist, which marks a fourth-time selection of Pro. Wu’s works.

This book, finished by the team in the CSIPRs under the guidance of Pro. Wu, represents the success of a major project set up by NSSFC, namely “Project on Research on the Theoretical System of IPRs with Chinese Characteristics”. Shen Changyu, director of China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) and a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, sent a congratulatory letter to Pro. Wu, giving high compliment on the book. In the letter, Shen noted that this book provides theoretical support and practical guidance for an action plan on further implementation of the country’s IPRs strategy, which highlighted the goals and measures for IPRs generation, use, protection and management from 2014 to 2020. Moreover, it has been a valuable reference for initiating “research on the theory and practice of IPRs with Chinese characteristics” and formulating “proposals for a IPRs power in the new era”, two cardinal strategies for pushing IPRs in China forward.

The Chinese Academic Translation Project mainly aimed at providing financial supports for the translation of top-quality academic works that represent of Chinese academic levels, embody the essence of Chinese culture and reflect the frontier of Chinese scholarship. These works are funded to be published in foreign languages by foreign authoritative publishing institutions and enter the mainstream channels for distribution and dissemination abroad, in order to bring into the exemplary and guiding role of the NSSFC. To this end, we can promote academic exchanges and dialogues between China and foreign countries, expand the international influence of Chinese scholarship as well as promoting the exchange and mutual appreciation of Chinese and foreign civilizations.

Previously, Prof. Wu’s work, Research on Basic Issues of Intangible Property Rights, was published in South Korea in 2018 with financial support of the Chinese Academic Translation Project of NSSFC. in 2019, Prof. Wu’s work, Essence of Intellectual Property Rights: Institutional Innovation and Knowledge Innovation, was listed as a key project and would be translated into English for publication. In 2021, his another book General Theory of Intellectual Property Rights was also awarded funds as a key translation project under the “Silk Road Scholarly Project” initiated by National Press and Publication Administration, and would be translated into English for publication.