Award Ceremony of 2022 Dian Zan Qing Chun (Celebration of Youth) for Outstanding Students


News Network (Correspondents: Xie Ji, Pan Zhe; Photographer: Li Ying) To further publicize model students of the New Era, give full play to their leading role and convey positive youthful energy, the award ceremony of “2022 Dian Zan Qing Chun” for Outstanding Students of ZUEL was held successfully at Simultaneous Interpretation Conference Center in Wenhuan Building on the afternoon of December 1st. All the university authorities as well as the leading officials of all functional departments and schools attended the ceremony.

The ceremony was divided into three sections: Unique Charisma, Excellent Performance and Role Model. The winners of every award were respectively honored, including the Stars of Academic Performance, Cultural and Sports Performance, Scientific Research and Innovation, Volunteer Service, Social Practice, Self-improvement and the winners of Wenlan Scholarship.

Since the 9th “National Constitution Day” of China comes on December 4 of this year, after the solemn singing of national anthem, Luan Yongyu (Secretary of the Party Committee of ZUEL) led all the participants to make the constitution oath. Through the ceremony, the party called on everyone to study and disseminate the content of the constitution, carry forward the spirit of the constitution and safeguard the authority of the constitution.

In his opening speech, Luan Yongyu said that in 2022, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, Chinese people of all ethnic groups embarked on a new journey of comprehensively building a modern socialist country and continued to march toward the Two Centenary Goals. On the occasion, the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was successfully convened. He pointed out that in the face of unprecedented changes in the world, ZUELers should seize the opportunities brought by the times and strive for excellence as their role models do. He also hoped that ZUELers would make unremitting efforts to become well-rounded youths with ambition, responsibility and perseverance.

After the opening speech, Yang Canming (Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of ZUEL), Chen Ming (Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of ZUEL), Hou Zhenfa (Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection of ZUEL) presented awards to the 10 students who won Wenlan Scholarship. Then they took a group photo.

Qin Hong (a member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of ZUEL), announced the decision to honor over 15, 000 undergraduate and postgraduate students as scholarship holders for the 2021-2022 school year. He extended heartfelt congratulations to them and hoped they cherish the honor, keep modest, and continue to work hard. He also encouraged all the students to follow the example of these advanced individuals, pass on revolutionary spirits, excellent school ethos and style of learning, so as to grow to be promising youth of the new era with all-round development, the noble ideal of Communism and the common ideal of socialism.

Yan Ping, Yao Li and Liu Renshan (members of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice Presidents of ZUEL), presented the Star of Volunteer Service, the Star of Social Practice and the Star of Self-improvement to nine student representatives.

Zou Jinwen (Vice President of ZUEL), Shen Zuwu and Zhou Mingshan (members of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice Presidents of ZUEL), presented the Star of Academic Performance, the Star of Cultural and Sports Performance, the Star of Scientific Research and Innovation to nine student representatives.

To develop the education of ZUEL and help students grow and prosper, Wuhan New Channel School donated RMB 1 million to ZUEL as an education fund. At the ceremony, Mao Guohua (Vice President of Wuhan New Channel School), signed a donation agreement with Luan Yongyu.

At the ceremony, three outstanding students shared their experiences. Li Weihao, the “Star of Academic Performance”, an undergraduate student from School of Finance, talked about his pursuit of master education. He has tried and studied hard and finally obtained the offer from Tsinghua University, just like going beyond the tipping point. Chen Yi, the “Self-improvement Star of Hubei College Students”, a veteran who is currently studying in China-Korea Institute of New Media, was interviewed by the host. He shared his inspiring story as a soldier and student, showing his love and responsibility for his country as a ZUELer. Ban Mingyuan, a doctor student from Wenlan School of Business, delivered a speech on behalf of all postgraduates. During her doctoral period, she published multiple papers in prestigious journals including Economic Research Journal and Management World. She talked about her ideal and love for academic research by telling her research experiences.

The ZUEL Host Studio recited the poetry Youth Glory, revisiting the memory related to the Party’s heritage, expressing the aspiration and mission of all teachers and students in ZUEL. They demonstrated the eternal aspiration and the glory of the young ZUELers by the oath “We are ready to build a strong China”.

The outstanding students award ceremony entitled “2022 Dian Zan Qing Chun” had come to an end. This ceremony was simulcast online, enabling more students to learn from the role models.