Provisions on Administration of Gift-giving in Foreign Affairs Activities of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law


4.2.1. Principles of Purchasing, Customizing and Giving Gifts
Giving gifts to each other in international exchanges is a common practice to strengthen the bilateral friendship and cooperation. Thus, when giving gifts, we shall take the nationality, belief, identity of the foreign guests and their contribution to us into consideration, treating them differently. In the meantime, we shall follow the principle of satisfying the working requirements as well as the principles of frugality, proper amount and proper degree, lest there may be excessive or repetitive gift-giving.
 b. When purchasing or customizing gifts for foreign affairs activities, we shall take into full account of the national and local characteristics. Gifts with more national characteristics shall be shared with the entire world. Therefore, we shall fully consider the cultural differences, choosing quality and inexpensive gifts, and at the same time spreading Chinese culture.
 c. The gifts given to foreign guests on behalf of our university shall contain the school emblem as well as school’s Chinese and foreign names to expand our university’s influence and attach profound implication to the ordinary gifts.
 d. The gifts given to foreign educational and academic institutions shall be different from the gifts given to foreign guests for demonstration purpose.

4.2.2. Targets of the Gift-giving

a. Standout foreign experts and teachers working in our university.
 b. Foreign organizations or individuals coming to our university for brief visit upon invitation.
 c. Foreign educational and academic institutions and individuals that our university delegations visit.

d. Foreign guests who deserve gifts.

4.2.3. Standards of gift-giving
To distinguished guests with great contribution, we shall give gifts worth about 100 yuan.
 b. To foreign guests who, regardless of pay, make outstanding contribution to our teaching, scientific research and mutual cooperation, we shall give gifts worth 100-200 yuan.
 c. To foreign educational and academic institutions, we shall give gifts worth less than 200 yuan.
 d. To general foreign guests who maintain friendly exchanges with our university, we shall give gifts worth less than 50 yuan.
 e. To other general foreign guests, we shall give little souvenirs worth less than 20 yuan.
 f. To visiting groups, we shall give different gifts to the group leader and the group members.
4.2.4. Management of Gift-giving Fill in the Gift-giving Registration Form with the signature of the head in charge of the gifts before requisitioning gifts. Keep properly the Gift-giving Registration Form for review, lest there may be repetitive gift-giving. The university and the International Exchange Department shall be responsible for purchasing and customizing the gifts and executives shall be appointed to manage the gift-giving.

                                                   30th, September, 2000