Tech team duplicates views of classic Chinese tower


A recent short video showcasing the four seasons of Yellow Crane Tower, a classic ancient building in Hubei province, received positive reviews online for its 3D modeling.

The video was created by an entrepreneurial team from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law in Wuhan. The team has used digital modeling to replicate unique landscapes and historical sites across China. 

Employing highly precise 3D modeling, the team presented Yellow Crane Tower in four chapters — early spring, crimson summer, golden autumn and mysterious winter.

The project is supported mainly by the School of Chinese and Korean New Media at Zhongnan University and the 3D Laboratory at Dongseo University in South Korea.

Team members imported detailed models into Unreal Engine, fully leveraging its technology and lighting system to achieve highly realistic representations of Yellow Crane Tower.  

The team accurately reproduced Yellow Crane Tower's exterior, balancing digital performance with visual effects. It demonstrated its capabilities in modeling, real scene reconstruction, scanning technology and dynamic simulation to create a comprehensive virtual experience for audiences.

By Liu Kun in Hubei and Zhou Huiying | Chinadaily