Friendship Forever! A Friendship Tree for Further China-Italy Cultural Communication Planted Jointly by the President Yang Canming of ZUEL and President Antonella Polimeni of SUR

2023-11-13Translators:Editor:Wu Shijie

No one civilization can be judged superior to another; every civilization is unique. The cooperation between the two universities always focuses on facilitating science, knowledge, and cultural exchanges between China and Italy.” Recently, School of Law and Economics, ZUEL, a Sino-foreign cooperative educational institution jointly established by the ZUEL and SUR (Università degli Studi di Roma 'La Sapienza'), held its Class 2023 Freshmen Opening Ceremony. At the ceremony, Yang Canming, President and Deputy Secretary of the CPC ZUEL Committee, encouraged the students to spread Chinese culture and enhance the China-Italy friendship as cultural mediators.

It was reported that Antonella Polimeni, President of SUR, along with her delegation, came to attend the ceremony on the occasion of the first anniversary of establishment of School of Law and Economics. In addition, they participated in a series of events including a president seminar, cooperation retrospective and traditional Chinese culture exhibitions.

The two sides sign The Letter of Intent for Offering “Law” and “Artificial Intelligence” as Two Newly Added Undergraduate Majors in School of Law and Economics, ZUEL.

Yang Chanming emphasized that with shared educational philosophy, a strong sense of historical responsibility and firm determination for close cooperation, both ZUEL and SUR, as leading roles in China-Italy cultural, educational and legal exchanges, would be committed to a bright future.

The establishment of School of Law and Economics represents the latest achievement between the two universities thanks to years of close cooperation. “We are bridging universities, knowledge and people of the two countries. Teaching is our duty, but what’s more important is to learn from each other”, said the president Antonella Polimeni in pride of fruitful results yielded between the two universities.

On that day, the two presidents jointly planted “a friendship tree” as a symbol of happiness, auspiciousness and amity. They also signed The Letter of Intent for Offering “Law” and “Artificial Intelligence” as Two Newly Added Undergraduate Majors in School of Law and Economics, ZUEL.

The school was established jointly by ZUEL and SUR, and officially approved by the Ministry of Education in 2022. Its predecessor, Chinese-Italian Academy, was the first Sino-Italian cooperative higher educational institution established after Italy had announced its support for the Belt and Road Initiative. The Master’s Degree Program provided by the institute includes “Comparative and European Studies” and “Cognitive Forensic Science”, and the Dual Master’s Degree Program consists of “Law and Economics” and “Digital Economics and Law”.

Since the signing of the cooperation agreement in 2016, with joint effort, the Chinese-Italian Law Research Center came into life, the first and second Italian editions of the Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China were successively published, and important international academic conferences and educational and research activities were held.