Win-Win Cooperation: Strategic Cooperation Agreement between Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (ZUEL) and Wuhan University of Technology (WUT)


News Network (Reporter Tian Ke, Photographer Du Peng) On the morning of October 5, 2022, the signing ceremony of the Strategic Cooperation Agreement between ZUEL and WUT, also as the joint appointment ceremony for experts from ZUEL and WUT was grandly celebrated in the first-floor conference hall in the library on Nanhu campus of WUT.

Administrators of WTU, including Party Committee Secretary Xin Sijin, Deputy Party Committee Secretary and President Yang Zongkai, Deputy Party Committee Secretary Wang Qiankun, Vice Presidents Liu Zuyuan, Chen Wen, Wang Fazhou, Assistant to the President Shen Gewu, and administrators of ZUEL, including Party Committee Secretary Luan Yongyu, Deputy Party Committee Secretary and President Yang Canming, Standing Members of the University Council and Vice Presidents Yan Ping,  Yao Li, and Shen Zuwu attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Wang Qiankun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of WUT.

The Signing Ceremony

Strategic Consultants Appointment Ceremony

Leaders made an announcement about appointing adjunct professors from both universities

Leaders awarded the adjunct professors the appointment letters

At the signing ceremony, President Yang Caiming and President Yang Zongkai, on behalf of ZUEL and WUT respectively, concluded this strategic cooperation agreement. Party Committee Secretary Luan Yongyu of ZUEL, and Xin Sijin of WUT, presented respectively the appointment letters to Yang Zongkai and Yang Canming as the strategic consultants on the construction of “double world-class project” (known as “world-class universities and world-class disciplines”). Yan Ping and Chen Wen made an announcement about appointing adjunct professors from both universities. Yao Li, Shen Zuwu from ZUEL and Liu Zuyuan, Wang Fazhou from WUT awarded the representative professors the appointment letters, university history books (both WUH’s and ZUEL’s) and staff ID cards.

President Yang Zongkai extended a warm welcome to the delegation from ZUEL, pointing out that the long-standing friendship between the two universities provided a solid foundation for cooperation. ZUEL has strong advantages in the fields of finance, economics, politics and law, while WUT makes outstanding contributions in the fields of building materials, construction, transportation and automobile. Facing the new opportunities and challenges in the new era, the two universities will give full play to their distinctive strength and seek in-depth cooperation in talent cultivation, scientific research, social services and talent exchange. At the same time, they will actively implement and jointly promote the strategic action plan to advance the digitalization of education, so as to continuously broaden the breadth and depth of cooperation in education digitization and ultimately achieve mutual benefits and win-win results in the process of promoting the construction of “double world-class project”.

President Yang Canming pointed out that the strategic cooperation between the two universities came at the right time, which not only represented the two universities' full confidence in the future but also cemented their lasting friendship. ZUEL attached great importance to strategic cooperation with WUT. Under the guidance of the new development philosophy, the two universities were expected to launch more distinctive joint training programmes, further promote scientific research cooperation, enhance faculty communication, and carry out more in-depth collaborative governance actions to make the complementary construction of superior disciplines more effective. Through continuous optimization of the cooperation mechanism, the two universities will create a new model and benchmark for inter-university cooperation, and achieve breakthroughs in a new journey via new cooperation in a new era, thus making greater contributions to running education to the satisfaction of the people.

Luan Yongyu stressed in his speech that the strategic cooperation between the two universities is promising and significant in the context of pursuing the national strategy of building new liberal arts and technology subjects as well as promoting the digitalization of education.The cooperation is an innovative move to complement each other’s strengths, seek common development, promote the integration of arts and science, and create a paradigm of cooperation. Furthermore, the “Four Serves Guidelines” are put into practice in this innovative cooperation to serve major strategies. He believed that the cooperation will inject a strong impetus for the two universities to develop into first-class ones and create a new paradigm for the inter-university cooperation of domestic universities. It will surely contribute to promoting the high-quality development of education as well as leading and supporting the nation’s modernization.It is hoped that the two universities will take targeted measures to promote the strengths, offset the deficiencies, and reinforce weak links. This cooperation will set a fine example for innovative inter-university cooperation among other universities included in the “double world-class project”. Besides, it is expected to be a role model for China to cultivate high-quality talents who are good at the integration of arts and sciences. Cooperation should be strengthened in building a broad platform and a well-staffed team as well as achieving fruitful results, continuously making new progress and breakthroughs.

Xin Sijin stressed in his speech that in the context of the new round of the “double world-class project”, which emphasizes “strengthening characteristics and build world-class universities and disciplines”, stresses intension development and promotes interdisciplinary integration, the two universities have very outstanding complementary strengths in terms of specialty disciplines and education resources. In addition, there is a very broad space for the cooperation in the construction of disciplines and majors, the cultivation of teachers and talents, and the scientific research. He believed that, with substantial support, active participation and practical cooperation of leaderships, teachers and students from both universities, a new model of cluster high-quality development would be created to achieve new glory from the strong alliance, and write a new chapter of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

According to the Agreement, an all-round cooperation would be carried out between ZUEL and WUT under the principle of complementary advantages, common development, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. Focusing on the complementation and joint development of specialties and disciplines, the digitalization of education, shared resources for scientific research platforms, talents cultivation and exchanges, the two universities aimed at improving the quality of innovative talent cultivation and the ability to meet the needs of the regional strategy of China through joint efforts.

The signing ceremony was attended by the directors and teachers’ representatives from Office of the WUT CPC Committee, Office of Development Planning and Academic Development, Undergraduate School, Graduate School, the Development of Science and Technology Institute, Personnel Department, Informatization Office, the Social Cooperation and Alumni Office, Transformation Center for Scientific and Technological Cooperation Achievements, General Party Branch of Library and Archives and School of Continuing Education of WUT and from Office of the ZUEL CPC Committee, the University Office, Personnel Department, Graduate School, Department of Discipline Construction and Management, Office of Strategic Planning, Office of Academic Affairs, Office of Scientific Research, the Social Cooperation and Alumni Office, Information Management Department and School of Continuing Education of ZUEL.

Before the signing ceremony, the leaderships of the two universities had a friendly communication during their visit to the History Museum and Art Museum of WUT.