ZUEL celebrates the 36th Teacher’s Day


News Network News (Reporter: Chen Bo, Photographer:Xu Zhichi) On the afternoon of Sept. 10, the 2020 Teachers’ Day Celebration Meeting of ZUEL was held in the lecture hall of Wenquan Building to celebrate the 36th Teacher’s Day with the attendance of all leaders of ZUEL, representatives of high-level talents, members of the ZUEL’s academic committee, principal heads of various departments, all members of the teaching unit team, Party branch secretaries of teachers, representatives of award-winning teachers, representatives of retired teaching staff and all new teaching staff. The meeting was presided over by Yan Ping, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President. He read out a congratulatory message from the Ministry of Finance to ZUEL on Teachers’ Day.


Luan Yongyu, Party Secretary of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law delivered a speech

 President Yang Canming, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee delivered a speech

 President Yang Canming, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee delivered a speech on behalf of the University to send greetings to all the teaching staff who have worked hard and dedicated themselves to education and teaching. Reviewing the year’s struggle, he praised the teachers of ZUEL for they have borne faith in their minds and shouldered the responsibility with expectation. He said that in the war to fight COVID-19 epidemic, the university staff had practiced teachers’ morality through facing adversity with bravery, defending home, devoting themselves to public welfare, cultivating students with politics and other ways, which fully demonstrated the political responsibility, the pursuit of values, national sentiment, cultural confidence of ZUEL staff. In the past year, a large number of teachers won various honors at the national, provincial and ministerial levels, and the construction of the teaching team continued to make breakthroughs. The university  has made positive progress in the construction of several key projects, so that each ZUELer will have a greater sense of achievement. He stressed that lately, the university held the fourth congress of party representatives, which marked that the university opened a new chapter. ZUEL will spare no efforts to create a good environment to teach with peace, comfort and enthusiasm. He hoped that every teacher could concentrate on study and cultivation, apply the infinite love of education to the practice of teaching and education so that teachers could fully enjoy the happiness of education and make concerted effort to construct world-class university.


Yan Ping, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President hosted the meeting

Liu Renshan, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of ZUEL, led the new faculty members to take the oath of office. The solemn oath reverberated throughout the lecture hall. After the oath was completed, all the school leaders adorned the representatives of the new faculty members with the university badge, expressing welcome to all of the new faculty members.

55 faculty retired honorably this year. Hou Zhenfa, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection, read out the list of faculty who retired honorably in 2019-2020. Xu Diyu, Assistant to the President and Dean of the School of Law, adorned the representatives of retired faculty with silk scarves, expressing high respect and heartfelt thanks for their hard work and outstanding contributions at the university.

Chen Ming, Deputy Secretary of the University Party Committee, read out the list of various new high-level talents of ZUEL for 2019-2020. President Yang Canming signed a contract with Professor Qian Xuefeng, representative of high-level talents, and Chen Baofeng, director of the Talent Office, signed a contract with Professor Ren Yu, representative of the relevant high-level talent program in Hubei Province. The university leaders present at the meeting awarded certificates or letters of appointment to the above people respectively.

Yao Li, Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of ZUEL, announced the winners of the 11th“National University Counselor of the Year”, the 2nd “Teaching and Cultivating Award”, and the 8th“Excellent Achievement in Scientific Research Award (Humanities and Social Sciences) of Higher Education Institutions”.


Luan Yongyupresented the award to the award-winning teachers ofthe 8th “Excellent Achievement in Scientific Research Award (Humanities and Social Sciences) of Higher Education Institutions”. Yang Canming presented the award to the award-winning teachers of the 2nd “Teaching and Cultivating Award”. Qin Hong, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice Presidentpresented the award to Liu Xiaotong, member of the finalist of 11th “National University Counselor of the Year”, and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Law School.

Zhang Xubin, representative of new teachers, Guo Beibei, representative of commended teachers, and Qian Xuefeng, representative of high-level talents spoke at the ceremony.

Zhang Xubin said in his speech, new teachers should seek advice fromoutstanding predecessorsto improve themselves with the attitude of studying hard, asking questions, and reading more. They should enjoy their job and live up to China’s training and teachers’ expectationsstanding on the shoulders of giants and striving to make achievement in academic career and cultivating students.

From the process of evolution and change of the curriculum of the clinical legal education of Evidence Law, Guo Beibeisaid that legal educators should have the realm of “Success does not depend on me, but I must make contributions to success”, and he hoped that more people will participate in the “Double First-Class” construction of ZUEL.

Qian Xuefengshowed gratitude to ZUEL and the Party, and said that they would comply with“four good teachers” standard of strict requirements, adhere to the virtues of the original heart, make their own contribution to educate studentsand to construct “Double First-Class” of ZUEL.

In his concluding speech, Luan Yongyu sent holiday greetings and high respects to the teachers of ZUEL. He said that the hundred-year plan should focus on education, while education should pay concentrate on teachers. ZUEL has always attached great importance to the construction of the teaching faculty and solidly promoted the project of strong school of talent therefore ZUEL has initially established teaching faculty with strong professional ability, the overall quality of high quality and relatively reasonable structure. He stressed that we should adhere to the moral education, highlight the characteristics, and build a high-quality teaching team in accordance with the spirit of the fourth congress of party representatives.

Luan Yongyu put forward three points of hopeto ZUEL teachers: First, teachers should remember the mission and strive to shoulder the responsibility. The university teachers should follow the time trend, show concern for homeland and people, consciously combine the needs of the country and professional ideals, and take up the important task of the times and the development of the school, so that “ideals and beliefs, moral sentiments, rich knowledge, a loving heart” can be ensured. Second, teachers were expected to cultivate virtue and try to behave like a model. All teachers should combine teaching and education and self-cultivation, consciously adhere to the spiritual improvement, with teacher ethics and love to take up the responsibility of the healthy growth of students as a guide and pathfinder. Third, teachers should try to keep pace with the times, and to explore new. All teachers should follow the example of advanced models, dedicate themselves to scientific research, study rigorously and diligently, and continue to enrich and improve themselves with new knowledge, ideas, abilities, so as to better meet the needs of cultivating innovative talents in the new era. He hoped that all of the teachers would take the university running ideas of “inheritance and innovation, reform-driven, distinctive and first-class integration” put forward by the fourth congress of party representativesas the direction of their efforts, concentrate their efforts, forge ahead, speed up the construction of “Double First-Class”, and make even more outstanding achievements to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of theCPC!

After the ceremony, Luan Yongyu, Yang Canming and Yan Ping also showed concern to some of the teachers’ representatives in different ways and sent them holiday greetings.

At noon on September 10, Luan Yongyu, Yang Canming, Chen Ming and Yan Ping also held a luncheon with more than a dozen representatives of outstanding young teachers to talk about the development ZUEL, and convey holiday greetings through them to all teachers. The representatives put forward their opinions and suggestions on the construction of the talent team, scientific research platform construction, young teachers training and so on. The university leaders expressed their affirmation of the sense of responsibility and mission embodied in their speeches. Yang Canming proposed that as for providing services for outstanding talents, the university should establish a system, build a platform, enhanceremuneration, show more understanding, offer assistants, and create better conditions for the majority of teachers.

The outstanding talents should have a thick foundation, take the lead, be diligent, cultivate talents, , diligent administration, educate talents, so as to realize the sustainable development of personal academics and university disciplines by integrating personal development into the development of the university. Luan Yongyu said in conclusion, today’s luncheon with young outstanding teachers had three key points. First, he sent holiday greetings to teachers and wishing for a better future. Second, he hoped that school teachers could exert themselves to develop their advantages so as to achieve sustainable and stable development of ZUEL. Third, he hopedthat  young teachers, especially all kinds of high-level talent could “identify talents, educate talents, and attract talent”. The university leaders requested that all departments and colleges should be willing to provideopportunities for the talents, offer to serve talents, help talents so as to provide better services for talents.