Professor Zhang Zhongmin was Selected as a Youth Talent of Ten-Thousand Talents Program


News Network (Correspondent Lu Baohua, Wang Yao, Qi Xiaoyu) Recently, the General Office of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China officially issued the Notice of the Fourth lists of Ten-Thousand Talents Programin 2019. Among them, 64 young top talents (from philosophy, social sciences, culture and art) were selected, and Professor Zhang Zhongmin from our law school was selected.

“Ten-Thousand Talents Program” is the National High-level Talent Special Support Program, also known as the “National Special Support Plan”, which is a national major talent project. Young talents are one of the national “Millions of Plan” sub-projects, led by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, focusing on training and supporting outstanding young talents in China. The Youth Talents Program is planned to support 2,000 people and is selected every year, about 200 each time. It is determined to cultivate academic and technical leaders with outstanding moral character, outstanding professionality and comprehensive competence in the key areas, and cultivate important reserve forces for high-level leaders in various fields in China. The fourth batch of national “Ten-Thousand Talents Program” selected a total of 1419 people, including 274 young talents (210 in natural sciences, 64 in philosophy and social sciences, culture and art).

   Mr. Zhang Zhongmin, born in Fang Cheng, Henan, is a professor and doctoral tutor at the Law School of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. He is also a researcher at the Research Center for Environmental Resources and Energy Law at Tsinghua University, a member of the Institute of Environmental Resources Law at the China Law Society, and an Energy Law Study at the China Law Society. Member of the board. Zhang Zhongmin has successively obtained bachelor degrees (2001), Master of Laws (2004),Doctor of Judicial Science (2008) in ZNUEL, and a master's degree in environmental law (2012) from the Vermont School of Law. He had been worked as a lecturer at the Zhongnan University of Economics and Law Law School (2008). Associate Professor (2013), Professor (2016), Doctoral Supervisor (2017), and youth Wenlan Scholar (2018). He was involved in the preparation of the China Environmental Protection Federation (2004-2005); he was employed in the Hanjiang Intermediate People's Court in Hubei Province (2009-2010); he was at Columbia University School of Law (2010-2011) and the Vermont Law School (2011-2012). A visiting scholar. Mainly engaged in environmental justice, energy law research.

   He published two monographs, From one perspective to Multiple: Empirical Research on Ecological Litigation and  Contract Theory of Energy; co-authored  Report on China’s Justice on Environmental Development ,  Specializationof Justice over Environmental Issues: Current Situation and Reconstruction, Environmental Damage Compensation Law Theories and Practices, Ideal and Reality: The Status Quo of Environmental Infringement Disputes in China and the Construction of Relief Mechanisms, etc.; and the compilation of 3 textbooks, Introduction to Environmental Law, Environmental Law, Principles of Environmental Law; and published more than forty papers in Chinese Law Studies Global Law Review, Legal Science, Law and Business Studies, People's Daily · Theory, China's Population, Resources and Environment and other newspapers, many of which were re- printed on Chinese Social Sciences, Reprinted Information of Renmin University of China. And he also hosted major projects and projects for youth scholars under the National Social Science Fund, and more than 10 researches of the Supreme People's Court, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Hubei Provincial Social Science Fund. He played a key role in rafting and revising various laws, judicial interpretations, departmental regulations and local legislation.