Professor Zhang Jiayong of our University was selected as the Hubei ‘s 2018 “Chutian Scholar Program”


News report (Correspondent Lu Baohua, Wang Yao) Recently, the Provincial Department of Education announced the list of candidates for the 2018 Chutian Scholars Program and the list of registered subjects. Our school added a new discipline in environmental science. Professor Zhang Jiayong, deputy dean of the School of Law, was selected as a distinguished professor of the Chutian Scholars Program.

  The Chutian Scholars Program is a strategy for Hubei Province to vigorously draw talents, and attract, select and build a host of academic leaders who are ahead in their respective field in international or domestic level. The Chutian Scholars Program consists of three parts: Chutian Scholar, Chutian Scholars Forum and Chutian Scholar Achievement Award. According to the terms and responsibilities of the appointment, Chutian scholars are divided into three levels: part-time professor, distinguished professor (including chair professors) and Chutian Scholar. The scope of appointment includes natural sciences and humanities and social sciences. In 2018, Hubei Province selected a total of 211 candidates for the Chutian Scholars Program and added 46 new registered disciplines. There are 14 scholars in ZNUEL with 23 disciplines.

 Professor Zhang Jiayong, born in 1969, Langzhong, Sichuan province, is a Doctor of Jurisprudence, professor and doctoral tutor. Being a Han nationality, he is also a member of the Communist Party of China and executive director of the Chinese Civil Law Society. His main research interests are general civil law, property law, debt and contract law, and company law. He has published more than 40 professional academic papers in such publications as Chinese Social Science, Legal Studies, Chinese and Foreign Law, The Jurist, Law and Business Research, Law Studies, etc.; published nearly 10 works including The institutional structure of the third-party interest contract (2006, monograph), the adjustment mode of the contract law and the intermediate field of tort law (2016, monograph) in the Law Press, Peking University Press, etc. ; and3 independent translation works such as the Philosophical Origin of Modern Contract Theory (2006) ), The Foundation of Private Law: Property, Infringement, Contract and Unjust Enrichment (2007), European Uniform Tort Law: Illegality (2009). He also presided over the National Social Science Fund project, sub-study of major projects, project of the Ministry of Education, the provincial social science project and the provincial soft science project, one at each; participate in several projects on national, provincial and ministerial levels.