The Number of Our University 's 2018 Provincial Social Science General Fund Project (Later-Funded) Has Topped the Province


News report  (Correspondent Zhang Jinke) Recently, the Hubei Provincial Federation of Social Sciences announced the evaluations of the 2018 Hubei Provincial Social Science Fund Project General Project (late funded project). 19 projects of our university got approved as the same as Huazhong Normal University, ranking 1st in the number of projects approved.

   In 2018, the Hubei Provincial Social Science Fund Project (later-funded) accepted a total of 1036 applications. After qualification, expert review, announcement, the Hubei Provincial Philosophy and Social Science Development Planning Office has approved 214 projects as the 2018 Social Science Fund Project (later funded). Our school has submitted 59 projects (later funded), 19 of which have been validated with an approval rate of 32.2%, nearly 12 percentage points higher than the provincial average. The total number of projects tops the province with Huazhong Normal University.


Vice President Zou Jinwen's reported on Thinking on the relationship between disciplines and majors


Secretary-General of the League, Professor Gao Lihong from the Ministry of Development Planning reports on the 2018 annual work of the League


The conference report is divided into three stages, which are respectively hosted by Professor Yang Yi, President of Shandong Business School, Professor Wang Xuhui, Director of Development Planning and Discipline Construction Department of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, and Professor Song Malin, Director of Graduate School of Anhui University of Finance and Economics.


The closing ceremony was hosted by Professor Gao Lihong. At the meeting, Professor Feng Delian, Vice President of Anhui University of Finance and Economics, read out the proposal, “Data Sharing Plan Among the League on the Development of the First-class Discipline of Finance and Economics”. The meeting also announced the accessment of the 2018 development and evaluation of the first-class discipline of finance and economics, and awarded the outstanding ones.