“Dian Zan Qing Chun”—School Holds Outstanding Undergraduates Award Ceremony


News Network (correspondentXie Ji). On the afternoon of January 2nd, the 2nd“Dian Zan Qing Chun” Award Ceremony for 2017-2018 academic year undergraduateswas hold at the South Lake Hall in order to promote in-depth advanced models of new era college students, to give full play to the leading role of outstanding students and display their good spirit to deliver the positive energy of youth.Many leaders of our school, including our university’s Party Secretary Luan Yongyu, President Yang Canming, Deputy Party Secretary and Secretary for Discipline Inspection Wan Qingxiang, Deputy Party Secretary Wang Wenggui, Vice President Chen Ming, Assistant to the President Zou Bingguo, as well as many leaders from each functional department and school attended the award ceremony. Special guests were invited at the ceremony including Ge Chunyao, Party Secretary and President of Bank of China, Hubei Branch, Yu Shiyun, Director of HR of Suning in Wuhan and Mou Fabing and Wan Anpei, representatives of the foundation ofButtonwood Scholarship. In this school year, about 7,000 students were awarded the scholarship and honorary title and 84 students were elected to get on the stage through the way of self-recommendation, school recommendation, and school selection.


Party Secretary Luan Yongyu delivered a speech

President Yang Canming signed on the starlight handprint


Secretary Luan Yongyu gave the opening speech after the national anthem. He first congratulated the students on their outstanding achievements, thanked the staff for their hard work, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the social enterprises and warm-hearted people who cared about the development of the school and the growth of students. He hoped that students would follow the example of the award-winning students and work hard to contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


The awards ceremony was divided into three chapters: Starting ZUEL, Escorting ZUEL and Leading ZUEL.Individual scholarship, outstanding student scholarship, National motivational scholarship, National scholarship, Wenlan scholarship(President scholarship), advanced class, merit student pacemaker and other types of awards were included in this ceremony.


Party Secretary Luan Yongyu and Yu Shiyun, Party Secretary and President of Bank of China, Hubei Branch presented the award to student representatives who won the National scholarship


Party Secretary Luan Yongyupresented the award to students who won the Wenlan scholarship


Deputy Party Secretary and Secretary for Discipline Inspection Wan Qingxiangpresented the award to student representatives who won the National motivational scholarship


Vice President Chen Ming presented the award for merit student pacemaker



Director of HR of Suning in Wuhan presented the award for merit student pacemaker


Assistant to the President, Zou Bingguo awarded honor to the caring enterprise and individuals


Nie Xin, director of the department of alumni work and social cooperation, and Xu Guiju, director of the teaching supervision and evaluation center, presented awards to students who won the social scholarship


Li Zhisheng, minister of education department and Zhang Zhigang, vice minister of scientific research department presented prizes for the advanced class


Yu Xiaopeng, minister of student affairs department, and Zhou ialing, minister of graduate affairs department, presented awards to outstanding student scholarship winners


Wang Ping, director of the employment guidance center of the university, and Chen Shi, secretary of the youth league committee of the university, presented awards to the student representatives of individual scholarship winners


During the awarding sector ofStarting ZUEL”, the spirit which was highlighted is that “If you do not understand, then try to learn! If you are not able to do it, just go for it! Do not be afraid and do not retreat!” The individual scholarship, outstanding student scholarship and advanced class these three awards were presented. The three classic red songs, March of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army,TheRedDetachmentofWomenand We Are on the Roadwere performed in the way of modern rock and roll in the danceForward! Forward! Forward! so that everyone can relive the struggling course of the older generation and highlight the youth strength of modern students.


The micro interview of the representative of merit students, Tan Ge



Twin sisters, top students and their parents were present at the ceremony


During the awarding sector ofEscorting ZUEL”, the perseverance which was highlighted was “learning from each other, forging ahead and sparing no effort in searching something, just for practicing” and the social scholarship and the merit student pacemaker, these two awards were presented. In order to further appreciate the contributions made by caring enterprises to the university and their encouragement to outstanding students, the university had awarded social scholarships whose donation party is the Bank of China, Hubei Branch, and the Buttonwood scholarship fund with two plaques called “2018 Charity Enterprise” and “2018 Charity Individual”. At the same time, the program team presented the award “The best team of video production” to the film studio of China and South Korea new media academy, which participated in the promotion of video shooting. In the micro interview with Tan Ge, the student representative of the merit student pacemaker, he talked about his experience of his participation in the production of the film “Operation Red Sea”. He, recommended to Tsinghua University for further study encouraged his fellow students to stick to their dreams and forge ahead. He also said that as long as you stick to the goal in your heart, you can reach the other side.


During the awarding sector ofLeading ZUEL”, their national responsibility which was highlighted was that “their ambition is indomitable and they take long time to firm the faith” and the National motivational scholarship, National scholarship and Wenlan scholarship, these three awards were mainly presented. As the representative of the award-winning students, the twins, top students shared their growing process of helping each other. The sudden appearance of the parents of sisters pushed the ceremony to a climax. All the students were moved by the happy family. Next, Luan Yongyu announced the winner of the first Wenlan scholarship and presented the prize to him.


Then, the prize winners of Wenlan scholarship and president Yang Canming together left a starlight handprint.Yang Canming gave the students who had made achievements thumbs up. He hoped students remember the school motto, make persistent efforts and make great achievements in the new era. And he hopedeveryone would stick to their faith, set sailand strive to become well-rounded socialist builders and successors.



Finally, under the leadership of the students who won the Wenlan scholarship, all the students stood up and read out The Oath of Youth -- “regarding the dream as a horse, regarding the sweat as the spring, mountain top as my peak, never learn well and never return!”


“We stand in the center of the stage with our mission on our shoulders...This is our time, and everyone has a chance to shine”, in the chorus of the song The Powerful Generation Has Me , the 2nd “Dian Zan Qing Chun” award ceremony for outstanding undergraduate students ended smoothly. It was reported that the ceremony experienced careful planning and obtained the great support from related organizations, teachers and students. Owing to the great support of Information Management Department, some live streaming platform likeZhong Nan Da Micro-campus” was able to be opened in this ceremony.