Our delegation went to European universities to discuss cooperation matters


Network news (reporter Huang juan) At the end of December 2018, responding to invitation from foreign universities such as Rennes Business School of France, professor Yao Li, vice-president of our school, led a delegation to visit European universities . Professor Zhang Jinlin, Minister of Scientific Research, Professor Xu Diyu, President of Law School, and Huang Juan, President of International Education College, accompanied the delegation. The delegation and the cooperative universities conducted cooperation and negotiation, academic exchanges and signed cooperation agreements, and achieved fruitful results.

At Ryan Business School, Yao Li and her colleagues held talks with Principal Dr. Thomas Froehlicher and Stephanie Hiaumet, Director of International Affairs. The two sides reached a consensus to further deepen and expand the areas of cooperation between the two schools. In the joint training of students, we will change our way of thinking, make breakthroughs in the joint training of French students studying in China, establish a new mode of joint education, attract French students to study in the Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, and publicize the summer camps of the two schools and reach intention to carry out the cooperation of law and cross-disciplinary discipline in economics. In the Ryan Business School, the independent legal person China-France Industrial Upgrading and Regional Financial Research Center was established to conduct cooperative research in the fields of industrial upgrading, agricultural products finance, artificial intelligence, green finance and so on. The leaders of the two schools signed a letter of intent.

Vice Principal Yao Li and Principal Thomas Froehlicher signed a letter of intent to co-establish the Sino-French Industrial Upgrading and Regional Financial Research Center.


Professor Yao Li and delegation also visited the student representatives of our school studying in Ryan Business School, know their learning and life in France, and urge them to study hard and return home safely. Especially in the current situation of the most violent protests in France in the past 50 years, they hope students pay particular attention to personnel safety and stay away from turmoil.

The delegation visited the student representatives of our school studying in Ryan Business School.

At the Lyon Business School, one of Europe's top ten prestigious business schools, the delegation met with Professor Tovey Ian, a member of the Council, and Ms. Vidoni-coutiner Patrizia, Minister of International Affairs, and visited the student affairs building, learning center and incubation center for entrepreneurship.

Professor Yao Li introduced the basic condition of our university and the situation of various disciplines such as law, economic and management in our school, while professor Tovey Ian also presented the basic situation, development conception and cooperation with other colleges and universities in China. The two sides agreed that the two universities should start cooperation with exchange students and summer camps, and try to advance the cooperation of lawyer’s project of transnational corporation.This will help our school launch the cooperation with European top business school, which further promotes level of international exchange in our university.


The delegation held talks with Tovey Ian and his colleagues

In Italy, professor Yao Li and delegation called on Sapienza University of Rome and Italian Supreme Court. The delegation first conducted working talks with Eugenio Gaudio, principal of Rome University, Professor Botta, Vice-President of International Affairs, and Oliviero Diliberto who is a distinguished professor specially hired by Wennan college of our school, a famous law professor in Rome and former Minister of Justice of Italy.

Professor Yao Li introduced the progress of the examination and approval of the Sino-foreign cooperative education project jointly applied by our university and Rome, and expressed gratitude to Rome for its full support during the application. Two parties reached a consensus about joint-establishing Sino-Italy academy and China center. It will establish substantive cooperation projects between the two schools, boost some collaboration in curricula setting, joint teaching, credit exchange and degree recognition, and further deepen scientific research of two schools, expand students exchange learning and summer credit program, which better establish and publicize models of cooperation .


The delegation held talks with President Eugenio Gaudio, Vice-President Botta and Professor Diliberto of Sapienza University of Rome

Yao Li and entourage then visited students studying in Rome. These people included the students from International Cooperation Training Project for National Innovative Talents delegated by our Law School for first time to Rome, exchange students, jointly trained doctoral students and intern sent to the International Institute for the Unification and Private Law. Vice-president Yao showed congratulations for students who applied for different projects on the international development platform of the school to study or practice in Italy, and encouraged them to cherish opportunities, learn knowledge, exercise good skills, and come back to the motherland as soon as possible.


Especially for the interns of the International Association for the Unification of Private Law, vice-principal Yao Li said that this is the first time that our school has sent students to international organizations, and is also a substantive measure of our school's initiative to serve the country's opening-up strategy. Hope that students can actively adapt to the working environment, strive to improve their international vision and ability to intercultural communication, endeavor to be proficient in international rules and be able to participate in international affairs and competition. These students also shared with the delegation their experiences of learning, working and life.

The delegation held talks with students and interns studying in Rome.


The delegation also visited Roman Law and Chinese Law library in the Sino-Italy research center for law, and met with Liusa Avitabile, the new principal of the Law School of Sapienza University of Rome, Professor Luca di Donna, the head of the European Union Project of Comparative Private Law, and Professor Schiavone, the head of the Roman Law Project of the European Commission of Scientific Research, to discuss cooperative orientation of law school between two universities and the details of implementation of the Sino-Italian comparative law and EU law projects jointly constructed by the two sides.


During their stay in Rome, the delegation also paid homage to the Italian Supreme Court and met with Ms. Lina Rubino, leader of international relations. Our school has undertaken the construction of the trial case database of the Supreme People's Court of China. Vice-President Yao Li thanked the Italian Supreme Court for its strong support in the construction of the case library. Ms. Lina Rubino also indicated that the cooperation between the two sides in the construction of the trial case database will continue to be strengthened, and Italy will continue to select representative cases to enrich the database.

The delegation met with Ms. Lina Rubino, the head of international affairs of Italy Supreme Court

During their visit to Frankfurt, Yao Li and her delegation held talks with Dr. Kira Kastell, Vice President of the University of Applied Science and Technology of Frankfurt, and Friederike Schofisch, Minister of International Affairs. Both sides expressed their great appreciation for the friendly relationship between the two universities over the past ten years and their willingness to continue to sign relevant agreements. They also showed their exception to develop the two universities in the fields of teacher exchange, research cooperation, summer camp and joint training. Agreement for cooperative frame and exchange students were contracted by two major university leaders.


Vice-principal Yao Li and Vice-President Kira Kastell of Frankfurt University of Applied Science and Technology renewed the cooperation agreement between the two universities.


The delegation also conducted talks with Professor Schneider, Dean of Law and Business School of Frankfurt University of Applied Science and Technology, Professor Christian Rieck, Director of International Financial Projects, and Ms Susanne Roth, International Affairs Officer. Two sides agreed to carry out the cooperative training of interdisciplinary specialties for law and economics. The two schools publicized summer camp projects to promote in-depth exchanges and learning between students. Germans also warmly invited our school to participate in the 2019 FUAS International Week.

The delegation held a cordial discussion with our exchange students at Frankfurt University of Applied Science and Technology and the German students who will study in our university next semester to know their learning situation, difficulties and needs, and try to solve problems. The Chinese students took their pride in fluent English and their growth in learning. The German students felt at ease and expect their upcoming life at the Zhongnan University of Economics and Law.


During visit to Germany, the delegation also made recruitment for the juris doctor studying in Frankfurt, and told the students who came from all over Frankfurt about the basic situation of our university and the policy of talent introduction. We welcome all of you to return China and start a new career.