“Spark Training Camp” of outstanding undergraduate training program for comprehensive quality opened


Network newsreporter Zhao XiaoOn morning ,November 25the opening ceremony of the first semester of spark training camp of outstanding undergraduate training program for comprehensive quality at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law was held at 608 Zhongnan building Shouyi campus. Wang Wengui, deputy secretary of the school party committee, the relevant leaders of the party committee, the student work department and the school league committee, and 89 participants from various colleges participated in the opening ceremony. This activity was held by Ge Ming who was deputy secretary of the party committee and the student work department.


In this speechWang Wengui pointed out that the current members were selected and commanded from 443 enrolled students. He hope you will not forget initial intention and unit as oneand devote yourself to being a new person who can take on the task of national rejuvenation. Yu Xiaoming,minister of the party committee and the student work departmentgave flags to head of the training camp. Su Zhengmin from the law school took the flag and spoke as a student representative.

A song MV with youth Positive Energy called The Power Generation Has Me has aroused a resonance and heated discussion among all the students. At the end of opening ceremony, the training camp launched one-day special training about leadership where participants actively engaged in the discussion and exchange. The atmosphere was warm.

It is reported that the Spark Training Camp of outstanding undergraduate training program for comprehensive quality is a training platform for leadership-oriented innovative talents, which is jointly created by the Party Committee, the Student Work Department and the Youth League. Each term of “Spark Training Camp” will educate trainees for three years, its contents covering experts lecture, case study, quality development, visit and social practice and so on. This is also an important measure for the school to improve the system for the students’ growth and development, and to promote the cultivation of edged innovative talents and the construction of world-class universities.


The first prize was won by our school students in the National Competition of the 10th Real Estate Planning Competition for National College Student


Network news (reporter Wang zhenyu .photography Zhang Biqi) On December 1st and 2nd ,2018, the “Yiju Cup” National Finals of 10th Real Estate Planning Contest for National Undergraduate and the First Investment Analysis Case Competition for National college students were successfully held in East China Normal University. After the fierce competition of the previous seven divisions, 38 teams of the whole country stood out from 6500 applicants gathered in Shanghai with dream and passion and went to the finals.

The Livable World Team composed of 1601 Real Estate class from the Finance College of our university stood out from the selective trial, and then won the opportunity for the final of the national competition area in the Central China Contest Area. After their teachers gave detailed guidance and suggestions from teachers, they went to Shanghai on November 30 to participate in the competition and finally won the first prize of the real estate planning competition.


In this competition, Mr. Zhu Xudong, CEO of E-House China, Mr. Hu Andong, Deputy Secretary- General of China Real Estate Association, Mr. Chen Zhijie, Vice President of Red Star Real Estate, Mr. Wu Yang, Chief Executive officer of Fushun Real Estate Group and other seniors in the real estate industry, served as judges and guests to comment on each team’s plan from the top level of enterprise. The judges paid more attention to the logical coherence in the planning and team performance in expression. From the macro point of view, they comprehensively consider the social and economic benefits, which fully reflect their ideas and thinking as the senior managers of the organization.


In the rematch, Livable World Team led by Zhang Biqi as our captain mobilized the atmosphere through the dozens of seconds of propaganda video. Then a clear and complete plan was explained in the narrative of the speaker. The unique landscape design and meticulous financial analysis greatly attracted the attention of the judges. After the end of show, experts made an elaborated comment on the team’s thinking deviation and lack of overall performance, which aroused deep thinking of the team member .After the game, they expressed the great benefit one after another.

The real estate teaching team of our university takes the competition as a relatively fixed teaching platform, aiming at helping students expand their pattern and vision, understanding the frontier knowledge, encouraging students to actively participate in social practice, and combining professional knowledge with applied skills. All the time teachers and students from financial college all responded positively to and join in the competition. They made great achievements over previous matches.



It is understood that real estate planning contest has been successfully held for ten sessions since 2018.It provided a strong support for the cultivation, selection, competition and employment of school and enterprise talents. It let teachers and students have opportunities to test and display the teaching result of our college, strengthen conversation between teachers and students of school and enterprises, and provide an effective way to select talents for industry and organization, which obtained high recognition from two parties.

Professor Yao Li's article published in People's Daily: To educate high-quality legal personnel for running the country according to law in an all-round way


On February 11, professor Yao Li who is the deputy president of our school and vice chairman of Chinese Seminar for Criminal Procedure Law, published an article entitled To educate high-quality legal personnel for running the country according to law in an all-round way in the theoretical edition of People’s Daily . After the publication, it was reprinted by Guangming Net, CCP News Network, China Social Science Network, China Rule of Law Network and other authoritative media. The following is full text.


The rule of law has a higher demand for legal personnel. Building a country ruled by law, a government under the rule of law, a society ruled by law, and achieving scientific legislation, strict law enforcement, judicial justice, and law-abiding for everyone are inseparable from a high-quality team of rule of law workers. As an important position of law education, colleges and universities undertake the responsibility and mission of providing theoretical support for the construction of China under the rule of law and training legal talents. When the socialist with Chinese characteristics has entered the new era, law education of universities will face many challenges and chance.

Since the Reform and Opening up, our Party has constantly enhanced the knowledge of rule of law and put ahead with practice of governing country ruled law in comprehensive manner. In succession, the legal education in China's colleges and universities has experienced a process from recovery to rapid development. After 40 years of efforts, discipline system of law education in China has gradually improved and trained a large number of talents

However, compared with requirements and goals of ruling the country by law in an all-round way, there are still some unsatisfactory aspect on the legal education of colleges and universities. For example, some textbooks and courses stay away from the reality of rule of law, and they are not sufficiently summarized and sublimated the socialist rule of law, the legal theory and the practice rule of law with Chinese characteristics, lacking of persuasion and appeal; the reform and innovation of the theoretical system of the Law, system of textbooks, curriculum system and evaluation system are not enough, training mode is relatively single, and to some extent the education of the legal talents are isolated from social need.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee, with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core, has put forward a series of new concepts, new ideas and new strategies for the training of legal talents and the reform of legal education. We will regard them as the guidance to take effective measures in order to further promote the quality and level of law education and continually provide high-quality legal talents.

We can see that establishing a social country under rule of law requires not only high-level legal professionals, but also amounts of grassroots’ legal staff; not only practical and technological talents, but also innovative and pioneering compound talents. Colleges and universities should take the initiative to adapt to the needs of economic and social development and scientifically set up different levels and types of training programs for legal talents in accordance with their own conditions, basis and resources for school-running.

At present, we should moderately regulate the total growth of undergraduate law education, and reasonably distinguish the training objectives and methods of Master of Laws and Juris Master. Meanwhile, we should also promote the integration of law and politics, economics, management, sociology, computer engineering, cyber security and other disciplines, and create a new cross-disciplinary law to meet the needs of economic and social development for legal talents at different levels.

Comrade Xi Jinping emphasized: Law is a subject with strong practicality. Law education should deal with the relationship between knowledge teaching and practice teaching. We should break the institutional barriers between universities and society, introduce high-quality practical teaching resources from practical departments into universities, and boost the exchanges among law education, law researchers and law practitioners.”

Colleges and universities should actively innovate the mode of training talents, deepen the collaboration between the political and legal industry and the legal practice departments, strengthen the pertinence and openness of teaching, and set up a training system that combines diverse theory with practice. While provide basic knowledge and skills, we should build more affluent options, develop an open training program , and provide students who share different aspiration and development plan with opportunities to acquire knowledge and improve themselves.

It is vital for us to train talents rule of law and disciplinary system of law. Comrade Xi Jinping pointed, “We should have confidence in the construction of the discipline system of law.” At present, in order to adapt new requirements for building a Socialist Rule of Law System with Chinese Characteristics, we should summarize the experience of setting up and operating the discipline of law, focusing on the establishment of the discipline system of law with Chinese characteristics.


We should explore and set up such disciplines as Legislation which is compatible with the complete legal norm system, Law Enforcement and Justice which are in harmony with the efficient implementation system of the rule of law, Law Supervision which is compatible with the strict supervision system of the rule of law, and Intra-party regulations that are linked to the legal system within the Party. We should optimize the disciplinary setting of departmental law and explore such new interdisciplinary discipline as law and economics, law for managing ecological space, social governance law and law for ruling network society.

In addition, for the sake of adapting to the increasingly frequent and well-informed exchanges and interactions between China and the world, we should pay more attention to the integration of China's legal system and international legal system, focus on the reform of the global governance system, optimize the curriculum, and train more professionals who are familiar with international rules and know international law.