10th Anniversary Celebration of China and South Korea’s Cooperation of Our School in School Running


News Network(student reporter: Li Changan; student correspondent:Lin Lin, Chen Xiaocao) Ten years of non-stop teaching, students have flourished everywhere. Here comes Autumn, with sweet osmanthus fragrance blowing from the Lake South. Recently, the 70th Anniversary of ZUEL is carrying out in it’s full swing while China-South Korea cooperation of our school in school running ushered in its 10th birthday in this scared time. Countless students of New Media Institute of China and South Korea came back to school and gave their blessing and best wishes for their Alma Mater and the institute.

On October 26th, the 10 year anniversary celebration of China and South Korea cooperation of our school in running schools was hold in the Art and Music Center in South Lake distract of our school. Yang Canming, President of our school and director of the Management Committee of the China-South Korea Undergraduate-Level Cooperative Education Program and Yao Li, vice president of our school attended the ceremony. Zheng Can, director of the International Exchange Office of Dongseo University; Cui Yuanyi, director of the personnel office of Dongseo University; Han Husheng, former vice president of our school, Chairman of International Exchange Branch of Educational Equipment, China Association for International Exchange of Education; Luo Qing, professor and doctoral supervisor of International Communication Study Center of Communication University of China; Chen Yufang, professional painter and calligrapher; Zhang Yuanhang, artistic creator of the Literature and Art Creation Section of the Political Department of the Air force of Guangzhou Military Region and adjunct professor of New Media Institute of China and South Korea; Yang Leyou, dean of the school of art and design of Hubei University of Economics; Chen Yi, professional painter and calligrapher; Yang Leyou, professional painter and calligrapher and adjunct professor; Hao Yuguo, painter, calligraphy and seal and adjunct professor and other guests presented the ceremony. And Zhu Zhenyan, dean on the Chinese side of the Institution and secretary of the General Party Branch and his counterpart Jin Yanhe, together with all leaders and guests of all functional departments and colleges all attended this ceremony.