Best Record in History in “Internet plus” College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition


News Network(correspondent: Li Siduo, Yu Qiuting; student correspondent: Liang Leishan, He Moyan)  The fourth session of “Internet plus” College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, hosted by Ministry of Education, Central Office of Network Security and Information Based Leading, National Development and Reform Commission and other thirteen ministries and commissions and the People’s Government of Hubei Province, sponsored by Xiamen University, was hold from October 13th to October 15th. Sun Chunlan, Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and the vice premier of the state council attended the closing ceremony and conveyed cordial greeting from general secretary Xi Jinping to the students participated in the competition or the Youth’s Red Dream-Building Tour. The project—“Recalling Shared Album” of our school won silver award of growth group of the main competition track and “Bu Qi Er Yu: Thousand Yuan Light Extravagant Emerald” won bronze award of the initial innovation group, which fulfilled the zero breakthrough of our record on this competition and is also the best record of our experiences in this competition since its launch.