31 Projects of Our School Obtained Sponsorship from the National Social Science in 2018


On June 21, 2018,the National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science published its Appraisal result in 2018, and31 projects of our school was included in it, of which there were 2 key projects,22 general projects and 7 youth projects and the total fund amounts to ¥6.5 million RMB..

Compared To 2017, our school has made much progress in the application and authorized results of National Social Science Foundation projects in 2018, which can be demonstrated in the following aspects: 

1. Application quantity: 133 projects were submitted this year, which has increased by 2.3% compared to last year. 

2. Approval rate: our approval rate this year is 23.3%,which is 1.8% higher than last year and 8.1% higher than the national average approval rates—15.2%.

3. Ranking. Our school ranks forefront in

universities of finance and economics and political science and law in the whole country and ranks 3rd among universities in Hubei Province and 24th in China, which has ascended by 6 positions compared with last year. 

4. Number of approved projects, which has increased by 10.7% compared with last year. 

5. Project fund, which has increased 10.1% compared with last year. 

6. Subjects concerned,which has increased one since last year and is 11 in total. They are :party building in party history(1), philosophy(1),theoretical economy(4),applied economics(5),statistics(2),politics(2),law(10),sociology(2),demography(2),Chinese history(1),management(1).