Our university has been selected as the base of the Program of Introducing Talents of Discipline to Universities ('111 Plan')


Network News(reportors Wang Shiwei and Huang Xing) Recently, the Ministry of Education and the State Bureau of Foreign Experts jointly announced the list of projects for “The Base of Introducing Talents of Discipline of 2018 Newly-established Universities.” The Base of Innovation and Introduction of Intelligence for New Age Science and Technology Revolution and Intellectual Property Discipline declared by our school was approved to establish, achieving the first breakthrough in this project.

The Program of Introducing Talents of Discipline to Universities aims at the forefront of the development of international disciplines, serves the country’s major strategic needs, and leads and supports “double first-rate” construction.The Base of Innovation and Introduction of Intelligence for New Age Science and Technology Revolution and Intellectual Property Discipline aims to implement the spirit of “Innovation is the primary force driving development” put forward in the report at 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. It is to provide intelligent support for building a powerful country with strong science and technology, high quality and a safety network. And it is the strategic underpinning for building a modernized economy and the effective legal protection for the fulfillment of scientific and technological resources optimization and technological innovation achievements. The key point is to respond to the We will foster a culture of innovation, and strengthen the creation, protection, and application of intellectual property. put forward by the party's Nineteenth Congress report in order to cultivate a large number of strategic technology talents and high-level innovation teams with international standards. The innovation base of this discipline is led by Professor Joseph Straus, a world-famous intellectual property expert who enjoys the title of “European Patent Pope”. The team of foreign experts consists of more than 10 universities or research institutions ranked by the top 100 QS in the world. It consists of scientists and jurists in intellectual property law, patent law, science and technology law, online copyright law, competition law, bioengineering, etc. The domestic team of experts is a first-rate team led by Prof. Wu Handong, made up of subject leaders from 7 double first-rate universities like Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Peking University, and Renmin University of China.

The university will use the “Base of Introducing Talents of Discipline” as a platform to deepenthe reform of the system and mechanism, to provide adequate guarantees in terms of manpower, material resources, financial resources, and office conditions, and to concentrate its efforts on building this base to become a gathering place for first-rate teachers to teach, an innovation place where disciplines are deeply integrated, a open highlands where international exchanges and cooperation are carried out, a high-level highlands with collaborative high-tech innovations, high-level cultivation place for strategic talents,as well as Think-tanks for intellectual property research. We will unleash the demonstration effect of discipline backbone and support the construction of first-class disciplines in our university. And we willbroaden the horizon of international studies in humanities and social sciences, spur new vitality in the linkage of government, production and research, and export high-end composite innovation and outstanding talents to provide a high-quality legal blueprint for governance.

It is reported that the Program of Introducing Talents of Discipline to Universities (abbreviated as “111 Plan”) aims to promote the progress of China’s higher education institutions in building world-class universities. The project has been jointly implemented by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and the State Administration of Foreign Experts of the People’s Republic of China since 2006. The “111 Plan” focuses on the forefront of international academic development. Based on national key disciplines, it has introduced and brought in more than 1,000 outstanding talents from the top 100 world-renowned universities and research institutes to form a high-level research team, building about 100 world-class innovation bases of introducing talents of discipline.