Professor Yao Li was selected in the talent project of 2017 Cultural Experts&“Four a Batch of”


News Network (correspondent: Zhang Junke, Wang Yao) A few days ago, The general office of Central Propaganda Department published the winning list of the project of 2017 Cultural Experts & “Four a Batch of” and Yao Li is on the theory circle list, which makes her the third person of our school to be selected in this project.

Professor Yao Li is now a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee of ZUEL, the vice president of ZUEL, vice chairman of the Chinese Criminal Procedure Law Research Society who also enjoys the State Council special government allowance. She was also elected in the New Century Talents Project and New Century Talent Supporting Project from Education Ministry. She was awarded “national advanced worker in the educational system” by Educational Ministry and “National female model contributor in the educational system” by All-China Women’s Federation. Professor Yao’s main researches are in judicial system, trial procedure and evidence theory. She has published more than 100 academic papers on many authoritative and core journals in the law community like Chinese Journal of Law, Chinese Legal Science and Qiush.And many of her papers were reprinted or included as abstract by Xinhua Digest, China Social Sciences Digest, Information Center for Social Science, RUC and etc.

She has won national and provincial level awards and honorary titles for more than ten times and has hosted many projects sponsored by National Social Science Fund, the Educational Ministry, Ministry of Justices of PRC and etc.Over the years, she was invited for many times by party and government office, government department, public security bureau, prosecutor office, the court, judicial bureau and some academic institutions to give academic report. She also made great contribution tonational and local legal constructionand judicial practice by participating in, for many times, the discussion of hard cases of the public security bureau,the prosecutor office, the court and judicial bureau as well as the drafting and discussion of important rules and regulations of the judicial practice department. From 2013 to 2017, many advisory opinions made by the Educational Ministry innovative team led by Professor Yao to leading bodies at the provincial level or above were adopted, which greatly contributed to central and local important decision making.

The project of Cultural Experts & “Four A Batch of” is a national strategic policy to further implement the construction of high-level talents team and ideological and cultural talents team . It is known that, 398 experts and scholars in various fields, mainly the field of theory, literary and art, journalism, international communication, cultural management and press, are included in the project in 2017. This year,151 people from 110 different colleges and universities were selected in this project and they are in only four fields namely, theory, literary and art, international communication and press. The number of selected people in this project of our school stands in the top list among universities and colleges in Hubeiprovince.