School Held Seminar to Commemorate Notable Accounting Scientist Yang Shizhan


News Network ( Correspondents: Sun Yuting, Xu Huichao, Yan Lina, Zhao Kan) This year is the 104th birth anniversary and 20th death anniversary of the late master of accounting of our school Yang Shizhan, who was a notable accounting scientist, thinker and educator. Recently, our school held an academic thought of Yang Shizhan seminar to remember and commemorate Mr. Yang and his academic thoughts to inherit his educational ideas and promote the construction of accounting discipline. And the bronze statue of Mr. Yang, which was donated by Bank of China, was placed on the same day.

More than one hundred people attended this activity, including GuoDaoyang, Wenlan senior professor and notable accounting history scientist; Luan Yongyu, school CPC secretary; Yang Canming, the president; Xu Dunkai, former school CPC secretary; Professor Yao Li, the vice president; researcher Zhou Bingguo, school president’s assistant; Professor Jiao Yaohua, the deputy general of Audit Office of Hubei Province; Ge Chunyao, CPC secretary and president of Bank of China, Hubei Division, people from related school department; relatives, students and close friends of Mr. Yang; representatives of students and teachers from School of Accounting and people from Mr. Yang’s hometown.

600 treasured books of Mr. Yang were donated by his family members to our school’s planed History and Culture of Accounting Museum, and a donation certificate was given to them by Professor Luan for showing gratitude. A section will be set aside for Mr. Yang’s book collection in the museum.