The Major Project of National Social Science Fund Applied by Professor Xiang Shujian Got Approval

2017-11-17Translators:Editor:Zhu Yong

News Network (Correspondent Lai Siyuan) On November17th, the website of National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science announced the appraisal results of the major projects of National Social Science Fund of 2017. “Research on Theory, Methods and Application of Accounting of Sharing Economy” got approval with a fund of 600,000 yuan with Professor Xiang Shujian of School of Statistics and Mathematics as the chief expert.

Up until now, there are 20 major projects of National Social Science Fund got approvals, including 11 from Law School, 2 from School of Finance and Taxation, 2 from School of Accounting and 1 from each of School of Economics,School of Finance, School of Public Administration and School of Statistics and Mathematics.