5 Research Subjects of ZUEL Approved as 2017 Annual Research Subjects of Hubei Education Sciences Planning

2017-10-27Translators:Editor:Zhu Yong

    News Network (Correspondent Zhang Jinke)Recently, Hubei Provincial Department of Education announced the Provincial Annual Research Subjects of Education Sciences Planning, including “Research on the Construction System of the Think Tanks of the Higher Education Institutions to Promote Policy Innovation” by Professor Zhang Guangke of School of Public Administration of our university as a key subject and other four subjects of ZUEL as Annual General Subjects of 2017.

2017 Research Subjects of Hubei Education Sciences Planning had restrictions on the amount. There were 12 applications of ZUEL including 3 applications for key subjects and 9 applications for general subjects, and 5 subjects got approval including 1 key subject and 4 general subjects.