ZUEL Held the Award Ceremony of 2nd “Ethics Award of Excellent Morality”

2017-10-30Translators:Editor:Zhu Yong

News Network (Student Reporter Huang Changjia, Student Correspondent Ding Ziqi) In the evening of October 28, the Award Ceremony of 2nd “Ethics Award of Excellent Morality”of ZUEL was held in Wenquan Lecture Hall and was attended by more than 300 representatives of alumni from all over the country, students and teachers including Luan Yongyu, Secretary of the Party Committee, Wang Wengui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Xu Dunkai, former Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Alumni Association. The activity was hosted by the Party Committee of ZUEL and co-hosted by Propaganda Department of the Party Committee, the Alumni Association and Foundation of Educational Development of ZUEL.

   Luan Yongyu extended warm welcome and sincere gratitude to the president guests. He said that all the alumni, students and teachers of ZUEL had been adhering to the motto of our university “Learned, Rational, Virtuous and Devoted”and remembered the spirit of ZUEL “to perfect moral integrity, to guide justice, to advocate innovation and to strive for perfection” to inherit the spiritual culture of ZUEL with many moral models springing up. He hoped that all the students, faculty and alumni could answer the call of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to hold fast to moral sentiments in daily work and study and strive for the Chinese dream of rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

On the Award Ceremony, Wang Wengui read out the “Decision of awarding the winners of the 2nd ‘Ethics Award of Excellent Morality’”. The 9 winners were Professor Tang Xiangxi, doctoral supervisor of School of Accounting who was the “Academic Leader of Party Building ”, Li Jiawen, an unyielding graduate of School of Business Administration who was broken in body but firm in spirit, Ajimaimaiti·Wushouer, Deputy Director of Xinjiang frontier police substation and a hard-working alumnus who had been defended the frontier for years, Professor Zhao Xinquan, professor and doctoral supervisor of Education and Research Center of College Mathematics of School of Statistics and Mathematics who devoted himself to the students, Chen Yanhui, the late alumnus who had been worked in the front line and devoted himself to the great cause of poverty relief for years, Jiang Fu’an, the late alumnus and the excellent “First Secretary” of Meigu County who cared for his hometown and took root in the rural area, Guangzhou Alumni Association of ZUEL which held fast to the motto of ZUEL and showed deep love of the alumni to Alma Mater, Weiaixiyang Volunteer Service Team of School of Finance which helped the children and light their own lives with dedication, and VAL Volunteer Service Team of College Students which took service as the purpose and took law as the core to provide professional volunteer legal service. The 6 nominees were You Qingnan, the student who founded the first foundation of running of Hubei Province “Xiaotuan Foundation of Running”, Doctor Hu Chaochun, the courageous doctor of school infirmary, Zhong Kaiwei, a student of School of Public Administration who devoted his youth to volunteering, Professor Hu Dan, Deputy Dean of School of Foreign Languages who instructed students after class all the time, Chen Chunying, Director of Party and Government Office of School of Philosophy who returned lost money and Associate Professor Guo Beibei, Deputy Director of Legal Aid and Protection Center who devoted himself to serving the society.

The leaders present awarded each of the 9 winners with the trophy, certificate and 10,000 yuan and awarded each of the 6 nominees with certificate and 1,000 yuan.

The stories of the winners were told by video and the interview started a deeper exploration of the mind.