New Faculty of ZUEL Zhang Bisi Won the Champion of French Speaking Contest of CGTN.

2017-09-28Translators:Editor:Zhu Yong

News Network (Correspondent Wan Huan, Student Reporter Hou Lan, Han Manling and Shi Xiaoyu) On September 26th, the curtain dropped on French Speaking Contest of CGTN 2017 in the new studio of CCTV. Zhang Bisi, a new member of the faculty of French of School of Foreign Languages in our university, defeated many strong opponents and won the global champion of French Speaking Contest of CGTN 2017 with her sound basis of French and great performance.



Mauritian Ambassador to China Lee Hon Chong (second from right) and the Famous TV Presenter Song Jianing (second from left) Presented the Prize to Miss Zhang Bisi (third from left)


After the preliminary contest and the quarter-final, six contestants in China, two contestants in France and two contestants in Canada made it into the final. Distinguish guests served as judges, including Mauritian ambassador to China Lee Hon Chong and the former president of Shanghai International Studies University and the current president of China French Language Education Association Cao Deming.

At 2:00 p.m. on September 26th, the final with two parts began. In the first part, the contestants would deliver a speech with the title of “My Story of China” within three minutes and four contestants were eliminated. Miss Zhang Bisi told a story of Yu Xiuhua, a poetess who had cerebral palsy, with strong passion and her perfect pronunciation, brilliant skills of presentation and her own charisma moved the judges. Meanwhile, in the Q&A part, she showed her ability of instant reaction and made it to the following championship match.

In the championship match, the contestants needed to tested by three parts of Q&A, guessing words and speech. Miss Zhang Bisi, who was the only contestant that got more than 300 points, showed her sound basis of French in the match with 314 points and won the global champion.

French Speaking Contest of CGTN, held once every two years, is a major TV program founded by the International Channel of French of CCTV in 2013. The program allows the French-speaking Chinese all over the world to show their language competence, cultural literacy and charisma and promotes the communication and friendship between China and French-speaking countries through different tests and matches.

French Speaking Contest of CGTN 2017 launched on March 20th and had been lasted for 8 months. There were three competition areas including China, France and Canada and four stages including the preliminary contest, the quarter-final, the final and the award ceremony. The Embassy of Mauritius in China, China Office of Quebec Government and the Embassy of France in China would reward the winner with a study tour. This contest was determined as an auxiliary part of the high-level cultural and educational exchange mechanism between China and France in 2017. A separate award ceremony would be held for the winner to be awarded with the trophy and the certificate by the leaders of the two parties of the mechanism. In addition to French Channel of CGTN, the contest was also broadcast by France-5 of France, State Television of Mauritius, State Television of Ivory Coast and CBC of Canada.

In the contest, Miss Zhang Bisi introduced herself as a new member of the faculty of French of School of Foreign Languages in ZUEL. She said that the university and the school provided great platform for her to promote French and gave her opportunity to convey her passion of French to the students.

After the contest, the dean, the secretary and the students of the school congratulated her. President Yan Canming extended his congratulations once heard the news and highly praised that she had displayed the spirit of the new members of the faculty of our university.

Miss Zhang Bisi was graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University where she majored in French and had a double degree of Journalism and French. Miss Zhang suggested the fans of French in our university that listening, speaking, reading and learning grammar were the basis of studying language and everyone needed to find their own way of study and find the beauty of French in different aspects in life such as watching movies, reading news and reading novels.

School of Foreign Language of ZUEL provides each member of the highly-educated faculty with the platform of development and shows concern for them. The close emotional bond and the constant stimulation of teaching are the best rewards the excellent young teachers can get from the School of Foreign Language. Secretary of the Party Committee of School of Foreign Language Yu Qijun said that, in order to raise the students’ interest and improve the students’ ability in foreign language learning, “the school organized activities, such as Shakespeare Drama Club and Cultural Festival of Foreign Languages, adhering to the idea of serving all the students of ZUEL and providing them with driving force for sustainable development, to show the charm of foreign languages for the students and cultivate international talents.”