Return of Capital and Intelligence to Wuhan—Alumni of ZUEL Boost the Development of Wuhan with Projects of 154.6 Billion


News Network (Reporter Ma Disi and Xu Jianfei, Photographer Xu Zhichi) On September 17th, the third “Project of the Return of Capital and Intelligence of Millions of Alumni to Wuhan·Special Activity in ZUEL” lifted the curtain. This time, there were 27 projects got signed with a total amount of 154.6 billion and most of the projects were in financial areas such as banking, security, insurance, investment and so on, which was highly consistent with the characteristics of the disciplines of ZUEL. Moreover, each of Bank of China, China Construction Bank and Agricultural Bank of China extended a credit line of 120 billion to Wuhan with a total of 360 billion.

Chen Yixin Gave the Keynote Speech

Wan Yong Presided the Meeting

Luan Yongyu Gave a Speech on Behalf of the University

Dong Mingzhu Gave a Speech on Behalf of the Alumni

The activity was co-sponsored by Wuhan People’s Government and ZUEL. It was attended by Vice Secretary of Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Wuhan Municipal Party Secretary Chen Yixin, Vice Municipal Party Secretary and Mayor of People’s Government of Wuhan Wan Yong, some staff of Municipal Party Committee, Municipal People’s Congress, People’s Government and Municipal Committee of CPPCC of Wuhan, Secretary of the Party Committee of ZUEL Luan Yongyu, President Yang Canming and more than 500 alumni of ZUEL.

The theme of the special activity was determined as “to Promote the Development of Wuhan with Financial Laws and Modern Service Industry”, which attracted a lot of business moguls, elites of politics and law and pioneering entrepreneurs.

Appointment Letters were Issued

Strategic Cooperation Agreement was Signed between Wuhan and ZUEL

Strategic Cooperation Agreements were Signed between the Government and the Banks

Projects were Signed on Site

Alumni Dong Mingzhu, Liang Yunchao and Chang Wenguang were appointed as “consultants of the recruitment of the talents” of Wuhan and Alumni Che Jianxin, Qiu Huofa and Sun Shuming became “promotion ambassadors for the attraction of investment of Wuhan ”. In the meeting, Vice Secretary of Wuhan Municipal Party Committee and Executive Vice Mayor of Wuhan People’s Government Chen Ruifeng and the president of ZUEL Yang Canming signed strategic cooperation agreement between Wuhan and ZUEL. Wuhan government signed strategic cooperation agreements with Bank of China, China Construction Bank and Agricultural Bank of China respectively.

According to the strategic cooperation agreement between Wuhan and ZUEL, Wuhan government and ZUEL, on the basis of “complementary advantages, mutual benefit, sincere cooperation and joint development”, would further broaden the cooperation area, perfect the cooperation mechanism and aim for the model of the cooperation between government and university. The cooperation would cover the following aspects. Firstly, they would promote the construction of the talent team of innovative talents, comprehensive talents and industry leaders together. Secondly, they would cooperate in scientific research and build platforms of independent innovation together. Thirdly, they would promote the integration of industry, universities and research together. Fourthly, they would promote the construction of university of “Double First-rate” and the “Double-million ” plan of Wuhan. Lastly, they would construct coordinate mechanism between the two parties.

Chen Yixin delivered the keynote speech under the title of “Great City Dream and Development Pattern of ‘University+’”. He said that, over the years, ZUEL had cultivated a lot of academic masters, business moguls, elites of politics and law and pioneering entrepreneurs, many of whom took roots in Wuhan, invested in Wuhan, constructed Wuhan and achieved their self-worth while winning glory for ZUEL and Wuhan.

Chen Yixin said that, Wuhan was full of life and was ready to take off for the great city dream of constructing national central city and international highlight city, promoting the construction of modern, international and ecological Grand Wuhan and striving for the all-round rejuvenation of Grand Wuhan with the construction of “the city of history, the city of contemporary and the city of the future”. Wuhan is exploring the new development pattern of “university+” and implementing “the four projects of gathering capital and intelligence in Wuhan”, including “Employment Project of Millions of Students in Wuhan, Project of the Return of Capital and Intelligence of Millions of Alumni to Wuhan, Coordinate Project of the Transformation of Scientific Research Achievements of the Research Institutes and Universities in Wuhan and Development Project of Oversea Scientific Innovative Personnel in Wuhan”. Wuhan is promoting “elite economy, alumni economy, academician economy and overseas returnee economy”.

Chen Yixin hoped that the alumni of ZUEL can use their professional advantages and influence at home and abroad to promote the industrial transformation and upgrading of Wuhan and the construction of financial centre of central regions and the city ruled by law. He said that the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government of Wuhan would give substantial support to the double first-rate construction of ZUEL and provide the best services, the best policies and the best environment for the alumni to come back to Wuhan with satisfaction in their jobs and lives.

    Luan Yongyu, Secretary of the Party Committee of ZUEL said in his speech that, alumni of ZUEL had been concerned about and attached to Wuhan and they had been devoted themselves to the development of Wuhan. The alumni of ZUEL, as fresh troops for the rejuvenation of Grand Wuhan, were active in the areas of economic and law to contribute to the finance of the government, improve people’s livelihood, and benefit the society. After the quick answer from the university for the call of Wuhan government, the activity got enthusiastic responses from the alumni of different places and they took active parts in the construction of Wuhan in different areas and different ways.

    Luan Yongyu said that, in order to answer the call of Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government of Wuhan, the university would establish entrepreneur alliance of alumni of ZUEL to broaden the platform for the return of capital and intelligence to Wuhan for the alumni. In future, ZUEL would, in accordance with the development concept “to based on Wuhan, to serve Wuhan and to construct Wuhan”, strive for the co-prosperity and mutual development of ZUEL and Wuhan.

Che Jianxin Gave a Speech

Wang Zilin Gave a Speech

Tian Yu Gave a Speech

Liu Zhaonian Gave a Speech

Alumni from Different Places Attended the Meeting.

Alumni Dong Mingzhu, Che Jianxin, Wang Zilin, Tian Yu and Liu Zhaonian gave speeches respectively on behalf of the alumni. They hoped that the rise of Wuhan would have splendid prospects and the “Project of the Return of Capital and Intelligence of Millions of Alumni to Wuhan” started at the right time.

On the afternoon of 17th, the opening ceremony of the Branch of Equity Investment of Financial Alumni Association and the summit of equity investment of “Wuhan Finance Street”, and the joint conference of presidents and secretary-generals of local alumni associations were held respectively.