More than 7000 Graduates Gathered for the “Genuine Words” with “Genuine Emotions”

2017-06-22Translators:Editor:Zhu Yong

News Network (Reporter Cui Zhenzhen and Ma Disi, Photographer Xu Zhichi ) On the morning of June 22th, 7360 graduates of 2017 gathered at Art and Sports Center of Nanhu Campus for the commencement which was presided by Qi Wenyuan. Seated on the platform were Secretary of the Party Committee Luan Yongyu, President of Academic Degree Evaluation Committee and President of the university Yang Canming, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection Qi Wenyuan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Wang Wengui, Chief Accountant Wang Jianhong, Vice Presidents Yao Li, Liu Renshan and Zou Jinwen, and the members of Academic Degree Evaluation Committee, representatives of the teachers, representatives of the alumni, representatives of the graduates and the enrolled students.

In the commencement, Yao Li read out the decision to award the graduates the degrees and Wang Wengui announced the decision of commending the Outstanding Graduates. Zou Jinwen read out the decision of commending the graduates who got their jobs in western China and the grassroots. Liu Renshan announced the decision of commending the Excellent Graduation Theses.

Yang Canming extended his congratulations to the graduates who had completed the studies smoothly. He expressed his wishes affectionately to the students that they could remember and abide by the word “genuine” in their life path. He hoped that the students could become pragmatic and “genuine people” who were genuine in their hearts and emotions and pursued genuine knowledge to perform real services.

In the commencement, on behalf of the university, Yang Canming gave the graduates a graduation present. He announced that, from this year, the university would not withdraw and cancel the campus cards of the graduates. The campus cards were transformed into alumni cards and the graduates could use it all their lives when coming back to the university. The graduates present applauded and cheered at the good news.


On behalf of the graduates, Li Jiawen, the student in Class 1301 of Trade Economics of School of Business Administration, recalled her wonderful time in ZUEL and expressed her gratitude to the teachers and the students. She hoped that, she, along with every graduate, could find her own orientation and fight for the genuine knowledge with the independent mind and skills of research gained in the university with no fear for the difficulties.

At the scene, Yang Canming wrote a calligraphic work “长风万里” for Li Jiawen as a graduation present to encourage her to continue her voyage.

As an alumna of ZUEL, Professor Meng Xianglan of the School of Statistics and Mathematics, on behalf of the teachers, gave a speech in the commencement, in which she shared the story of her classmate and excellent alumnus Chen Yanhui who had devoted his life to poverty alleviation. She hoped the students could stick to their ideals when facing the reality.

As the representative of the alumni, Deng Hui, the alumnus of 1986 of the School of Finance and President of Changjiang Securities CO., LTD., gave a speech sharing his own story of struggle, illustrating the true meaning of “折腾”. He hoped that, when stepping into the society from campus, the graduates could stay true to their original selves to pursue their dreams with strong faith.

Huang Liqiong, a student majored in Civil and Commercial Law of Law School of 2015, gave a speech on behalf of the enrolled students. She would take the outstanding graduates at present as examples and pursue the meaning of her life in the edification of the culture of ZUEL with the mission of serving the country.

On 22th and 23th, President Yang Canming awarded the 7360 graduates with their degrees one by one at Art and Sports Center of Nanhu Campus.