The Fourth Circuit Court of the Supreme People’s Court Signed a Letter of Intent with Our University

2017-06-12Translators:Editor:Zhu Yong

News Network (Student Reporter Han Manling, Photographer Xu Zhichi ) On the afternoon of June 12th, Li Guangyu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Group of the Fourth Circuit Court and the First Deputy Chief Judge, Dong Xiaosheng, Deputy Inspector of the Hubei Provincial Superior People’s Court, Li Yugao, Chief Judge of Administrative Tribunal, and some other related staff visited our university and signed a letter of intent with our university in the meeting room on the fifth floor of Zhongyuan Building. The meeting was attended by Luan Yongyu, Secretary of the Party Committee of our university, Yao Li, Vice president of our university and Wu Handong, Honorary Director of the Research Center of Intellectual Property.

In his speech, Luan Yongyu, on behalf of our university, extended a warm welcome to Li Guangyu and his party for their instruction on our university, and expressed gratitude to the long-term support to our university by the Fourth Circuit Court and the Hubei Provincial Superior People’s Court. He emphasized that, in the important address made by President Xi in University of Political Science and Law, President Xi pointed out the fundamental task of colleges and universities, which was to promote moral education and cultivate talents. The cultivation of the talents was always the core task of colleges and universities. “As a saying goes, ‘cultivation of the talents is urgent for the country’, and to cultivate the students to serve the society and to cultivate great and professional legal talents are the goals our university has been pursuing.” Luan Yongyu pointed out that he hoped the two parties could build the future of the judiciary of our country through the cooperation platform.

Li Guangyu introduced the general information of the Fourth Circuit Court of the Superior People’s Court. He pointed out that the cultivation of the legal talents was the common task of judicial departments and universities. With the letter of intent as the starting point of the cooperation, he hoped that the two parties could take advantages of their own resources in the cooperation, explore diversified forms of the cultivation of the talents and further the discussion on the construction of the intern system for the students as the judicial assistants and legal volunteers.

Wu Handong said that ZUEL was the main force of the legal education in China and had been devoted itself to the improvement of education quality and the promotion of judicial reformation. He hoped the university could contribute thoughts and talents for the Fourth Circuit Court and the Hubei Provincial Superior People’s Court and establish comprehensive strategic partnership with the Fourth Circuit Court to promote the specialization of the legal knowledge and the professionalization of the legal profession.

In the summary speech of Yao Li, she pointed out that the instruction of the Fourth Circuit Court not only showed their attention, but also the encouragement and the spur to the cultivation of the talents of our university. The precision of the law was to pursue efficiency and the Superior People’s Court was a benchmark for our university.

In the meeting, Li Guangyu and Yao Li, respectively represented the Forth Circuit Court of the Superior People’s Court and our university, signed and exchanged the letters of intent.