Young Teachers from School of Business Administration Publish Papers in International Journals Continually

2017-03-27Translators:Wang LifangEditor:Zhu Yong

News Network (Reporter Gan Sha) Recently, School of Business Administration sent good news about scientific research. The journal, Production and Operations Management, published the academic paper, Electricity TimeofUse Tariff with Stochastic Demand, written by the young teacher Dong Ciwei from Department of Logistics and Management Science of School of Business Administration on its first issue in 2017. The journal has a high reputation and great influence on operation management of management science, and is one of the UT Dallas 24 Journals with international recognition. It is the second paper of the School of Business Administration published by the UT Dallas 24 in the past two years. It also marks another significant breakthrough of the school in the scientific research and discipline construction. In June 2015, Li Xiaoling, a young teacher of the Department of Marketing Management, published a paper in the authoritative academic journal, Journal of Marketing Research, which is the one of the top four journals of marketing discipline.

In this paper, Dong Ciwei studied the operation strategy of TOU price of power companies under stochastic demand. After the power enterprises introducing the TOU price, users pay higher price for peak hours while lower price for non-peak hours. Using this pricing method, the power enterprises can guide users to use electricity reasonably, reduce the peak-hour consumption and adjust the electric power structure, thus saving the power cost and improving the energy efficiency. Considering the multiple technologies used by power enterprises to produce electricity, the author conducted an in-depth analysis of the pricing strategy of TOU price and the capacity investment strategy of various technologies. The analysis data showed that, after introducing the TOU price, the electricity demand for non-peak hours increased, but the power enterprises could invest less capacity with various technologies. Moreover, although the TOU prices can reduce power consumption in peak hours, the total electricity consumption will not decrease in most cases. In addition, the paper analyzed the influence of electricity price regulation, providing reference for government departments to better supervise power enterprises and develop sound power industry.

In the discipline construction of higher education institutions and the discipline evaluation organized by the Ministry of Education, more and more attention has been paid to the publications in international mainstream periodicals. At present, more and more young teachers in our university are actively involved in scientific research and academic work and continue to make breakthroughs, which will promote scientific research and discipline construction of the university.