Symposium on Amending the Accounting Law was Held in Zhongnan University of Economics and Law by the Ministry of Finance

2017-03-13Translators:Zhou MengxiaEditor:Zhu Yong

News Network (Reporter Wang Shiwei) On the morning of March 10th, 2017, the symposium on the major project of the Ministry of FinanceIssues and Follow-up Study of the Amendment of the Accounting Law was held in the meeting room at the 3rd floor of Zhongyuan Building, ZUEL. 

Presided over by Prof. Tang Guoping, the leader of the research group, the symposium was attended by representatives from different fields, including Wan Wenxiang, Li Jing, Director and Deputy Director of General Office of Accounting Department of the Ministry of Finance, Zhang Junping, Head of the Accounting Office of Hubei Provincial Finance Department, Prof. Wang Hua, Assistant Deans of the School of Accounting, Prof. Zhang Qi, the associate professors Wang Changrui, Wu Dejun and Ran Mingdong from the School of Accounting, Associate Professor Wu Jinghui from the School of Law and Associate Professor Wang Yingmei from the School of Finance and Taxation, etc. Wang Feng, Deputy Head of the Institute of Social Science (ISS), expressed the warmest welcome to all the distinguished leaders and guests, pointing out that ZUEL not only highly values this symposium, but also expects a deeper cooperation with the Ministry of Finance under the basis of province-ministry co-construction. Subsequently, on behalf of the Accounting Department, Director Wan Wenxiang delivered a speech, during which he fully affirmed the previous preparation done by the research group and conveyed five suggestions concerning follow-up amendment to the Accounting Law proposed by Shao Min, Deputy Head of the Accounting Department. Meanwhile, both Li Jing and Zhang Junping shared their insights over the current thoughts and difficulties of the amendment. Then, the participants and teachers had an in-depth discussion and set forth their own views on those difficulties, injecting new ideas in further research. In the meantime, the research group members consulted with the leaders of Accounting Department with respect to the problems that deserve further discussion. At the end of the symposium, Prof. Tang Guoping extended heartfelt gratitude to the leaders at all levels for their instructions and to all the participants for their heated and open discussion for one hand, and expressed his and the whole group's determination as well as confidence in the follow-up research on Accounting Law for another.

Since the amendment of Accounting Law still remains a long and uphill journey, we have to keep in step with marketization, taking into consideration the fundamental condition of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The research group, with persistent efforts conscientious and open-minded spirits, has been committed to the amendment of Accounting Law with the purpose of perfecting the law system which is still in its preliminary stage and enhancing the cooperation between ZUEL and the Ministry of Finance.