“Center of Sino-Italy legal system Study”launched in Italy

2017-01-17Translators:Zhang ZhenEditor:Zhu Yong

News Network (Reporter Fang Lei) At the invitation of EUGENIO GAUDIO, President of Sapienza - Università di Roma and GAETANO MANFREDI, President of Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II, President Yang Canming, Prof. Xu Diyu, Dean of Law School, Hu Xiangyang, Dean of Criminal Justice School and Fang Lei, Deputy Director of International Exchange Office of ZUEL visited Sapienza- Università di Roma and Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II and attended the signing ceremony of the co-building of the study center for legal system and the opening ceremony of high-level training class of Roman Law. In addition, they also met with Mr. Sergio Mattarella, President of Italy.

President Mattarella held a meeting with President EUGENIO GAUDIO, President Yang Canming, Dean Xu Diyu, Professor Oliviero Diliberto, the head of the high-level training class of Roman Law of Sapienza-Università di Roma and Wenlan visiting professor of ZUEL, Paolo Ridola, Dean of Law School and Enrico Del Prato,the head of Law Department of Sapienza-Università di Roma. On behalf of the ZUEL,President Yang Canming gave away a souvenir to President Mattarella and made a brief introduction on ZUEL. President Mattarella expressed his thanks to our university and gave a new expectation and important suggestions about the communication of law between China and Italy. He thought, as the representatives of high-level study of law in the two countries, ZUEL and Sapienza - Università di Roma should further strengthen the cooperation in the academic research, talents cultivation, the transformation of achievement and social service under the principle of comple mentary advantages and mutual benefit.

The signing ceremony was held in the famous classroom, Carrasso of Sapienza- Università di Roma with nearly 100 guests attended the ceremony including authorities from the Ministry of Education of Italy, the deans of Law School of other Universities, Qi Han, Chinese chargé d'affaires in Italy, Educational Counselor Luo Ping. The signing ceremony was presided over by Prof. Diliberto, a senior law professor in Sapienza-Università di Roma (former Minister of Justice of Italy and Wenlan visiting professor of ZUEL and the head of the Center). During his speech in the signing ceremony, President Yang Canming expressed his thanks for President Mattarella for his attendance of this ceremony at first. Then he made a brief introduction on the features of ZUEL in law field as a key institution directly administrated by the Ministry of Education of China and looked back the history of the cooperation between the two universities. He promised that through the common efforts of both sides, we would build the Study Center for Sino-Italy Legal System into an example in the educational cooperation between China and Italy. In President GAUDIO’s speech, he expressed that both universities should promote our research and cooperation in the field of Roman law. The construction of this platform would enhance the cooperation of the two universities in scientific research, talents cultivation and staff exchange. Dean Xu Diyu said, as the bridge of communication of law, the Study Center for Sino-Italy Legal System would further promote the research and publicity of Roman law and Italian law. As the source of the system of civil law, Roman law had reference value and realistic meaning to the codification of Civil Code of China. Dean Ridola of Law School and Prato, the head of Law Department both gave high appraisals to the establishment of the center, regarding it as the new platform for the publicity of Roman law, which would further advance the communication and cooperation of law between the two universities. In honor of Lauro Chiazzese, the pioneer of the establishment of the high-level training class of Roman law, Giuseppe Falcone, a law professor in Università degli Studi di Palermo made a speech of masters of Roman law: 60th anniversary of the death of Lauro Chiazzese, summarizing the past, the present and the future research and education of Roman law. After the keynote speech, the presidents of the two universities signed the agreement of jointly establishing the Law Study Center of ZUEL (Rome) and unveiled the plaque of the center together.

During his visit in Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II, President Yang Canming made a preliminary discussion with President GAETANO MANFREDI on the cooperation and communication between the two universities. Both sides agreed that the two universities would strengthen the cooperation in the staff and student exchange, promoting the deep communication in the study of Roman law.